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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Duffy and the Horses

While I edit and organize our vacation photos, I thought I would share the pictures from Duffy's experience with 2 horses up in the hills north of Penticton.  We went out to the ranch that Dave grew up on and worked on even after his step-grandfather sold the place. We wanted to give Duffy a chance to run around free and do some exploring. We crossed over Shingle Creek into a pasture area where these 2 horses were. Duffy has touched noses with a horse through a fence, but had never been up close and personal with any horses. Duffy never barks at animals when we encounter them, whether they are horses, rabbits, coyotes, deer...that's pretty good for a collie!!

Down the road to Shingle Creek

Shingle Creek. All the creeks and rivers in BC are running fast and high right now.

Hello horses!! They are wearing those masks to protect them from fly and mosquito bites.

Duffy standing by the horses just as if he does this all the time.  Luckily these were horses who are used to dogs!!

Can I herd them, can I, can I??????
Hey, who's herding who???????




It looks like Duffy enjoyed himself. Nice to be out in the country.

J. said...

Love the photos! Looks like he had so much fun and you can just see that he wanted to herd those horses. ;)

Squishy said...

How pretty it is there! Good thing those horses were good with him. I rarely let my dogs with my horses, even though they are good with them, but I've had them be kicked and my girlfriend's collie lost part of her pad on the hind from one stepping on her. They are too big, but I'm paranoid.
Can't wait to see the rest of your trip photos! And, to have a collie who doesn't bark at stuff? How nice! Hahaha!!

Dianne SS said...

Dave knows horses (he was almost riding before he was walking!!), so I trusted in him to keep Duffy safe. Duffy just walked up to them calmly, didn't run at them so they didn't get spooked. If I had been on my own I wouldn't have let Duffy be near them though!! You think a collie is a bigger dog, then you see them beside a horse!!!