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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bake Sale

Now that I have my blog working properly again ( it wouldn't download this writing section and I had to use the old blogger format which has a terrible photo download--I gave up when a whole bunch of pictures disappeared!!) I shall work on catching up on all my blog posts and pictures!! I'll start with the present and work back!! Second Wind Dreams had our 2nd Annual Bake Sale yesterday.  I baked on and off for 2 weeks, had a headache for 4 days from Friday through Monday and managed to get some more baking done and the labelling of all the baggies. My grand total was 21 1/2 dozen cookies--5 different kinds (yikes), 2 1/2 dozen jam filled tea biscuits, and 5 loaf cakes--lemon, banana, and coconut. Diane baked 4 loaves of Easter bread,  3 dozen mini cupcakes, and 2 loaves of banana bread as well as putting together pkgs. of nuts and bolts and candies.  Kay brought Greek cookies from her freezer that she had done for her church bake sale and 6 loaves of freshly baked apple bread--and she just got back from Hawaii on Thursday!! Doreen had the chocolate market corner--Bundt cake, cupcakes, and brownies. Two other members dropped off some cookies and 2 loaf cakes.  Four of us worked from 9-4--we set everything up, sold the baking, and 50/50 and raffle tickets.  We also held our SWD meeting!! Are we good or what!!

Kay behind the table looking after the money!

We made a total of $535--down from last year but still pretty good!  It was a really slow day for people and I think we should have the sale on Wednesdays--as that's pizza day in the restaurant and it brings folks in, even from surrounding businesses and offices. That's when we had it last year. A resident won the raffle food basket, and Gabie, an LPN from 6Y won $82 in the 50/50 draw.  That was a really nice win, because she takes the time to talk to the residents on that unit and find out what their dreams are.  She then writes up the application for them.  She's the reason we have tons of dreams from that unit.  I wish other staff put in even a fraction of that effort!! So I was really happy to see her get the money!!

Dianna at the 50/50 and raffle tickets table.

Those of you who know me know how much  I love to bake--but forced baking loses its appeal very quickly, let me tell you!!  I think I will take a break for a while. Oh, wait! I have to bake more shamrock green sugar cookies for Saturday!! Acccckkkkk!!