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Friday, May 16, 2014

18 Months Old!!

Lanny was 18 months old on May 13!!  He's such a big boy, I have to remind myself that he's still a puppy with lots of maturing and filling out to do!! We were all out at the farm on Sunday, Mother's Day.  After a trip to the cemetery to clean up the graves and refresh the flowers, I wanted to get some photos of the dogs and especially of Lanny as his 18th month BD was coming up. It was a pretty nice day, until the wind swung into action around noon!! But that's par for the course these days!!
Lanny, Duffy and I.  Don't know what was capturing their attention to the right.  There's a whole story about the jacket I'm wearing, which you can see is a bit big!! But it's very useful!!

"Who are you lookin' at?"  Who are YOU lookin' at?"

Mister Athletic Lanny in Overdrive

Camouflage Duffy!! That tree trunk was perfect for sitting on and enjoying the scenery and the dogs.
And for climbing up on!!

Pretty as a picture--or more correctly, handsome as a picture!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Silver Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, May 6, was our 25th Wedding Anniversary--the Silver Anniversary!!
Weather wise, it wasn't a sit out on the patio and sip wine kind of day!!There was a cold northern wind blowing, some snow, then rain, and then some sun--in other words a typical day in Alberta--apparently for 8 months of the year now!! We went out for a very nice supper at Joeys on Jasper, then home to sample the Canadian Ice Wine that Dave had bought a couple of years ago and that we had decided to save for our 25th anniversary. I found Canadian Ice Wine dark chocolate truffles at Purdey's--the woman there made up those cute little silver boxes for our special occasion.  The wine--well I guess ice wine is supposed to be consumed closer to the purchase date?  It was supposed to be white wine, but had turned a claret color and tasted like claret or port!!  Not unpleasant, still quite fruity, but not what I had expected. A little went a long way!! We had a lovely day, with lots of laughs and that's one of the most enduring qualities about our relationship--the friendship and the sense of fun and humor. Here's to as many more years together that the Creator will grant us!! ♥♥

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Duffy's 6th Birthday

I can't believe we are at Duffy's 6th birthday already!!  I don't want him to age any more than this--or at least not for a long time. It was a rainy, snowy day all day and not a fitting day for going out and taking birthday pictures.  So I contented myself with grooming Lanny and Duffy, and taking a few shots here and there in the house.
The Birthday Boy in a reflective serious pose--thinking about what it means to be 6!!
Lanny on the grooming table--I think we are going to tape/glue his ears down again.  You can see a tip, but we should see if we can get a better fold.   It's a 2 person job though--Lanny is very bendy and twisty!!

The boys enthusiastically (as per usual!!) greeted Dave when he arrived from the farm!!

Mister Lanny!!

A little over to the left please!!! 

Happy Birthday my Duffy!!! Dave and I hope you know just how much we love you!! XOXOXOXO