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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

92 Years Young

Today is my dad's 92nd birthday!! He's been having trouble thinking that he is that old.  He suggests 84?  60? Well that would make you younger than me, so that's not going to fly!!  I kind of know where he's coming from.  I'm having trouble believing that I am as old as I am!!

Today wasn't such a good day for him--you can see it in the pictures. He's got a bit of a cold--in fact most of the residents do. But that's how things are.  Some days are great, others not so great. Yesterday he was in much better spirits. He's eating fine though, and enjoyed the chocolate cake and the flowers, so that's pretty good. I'm very glad he's still here. Happy Birthday Father!! ♥♥

Thursday, November 13, 2014

National Lanny Day--November 13!!

Well around here it is anyway!!  Lanny's 2nd Birthday!! Whoo Hoo!! Some pictures from over the past 2 years--some have been on Facebook or on this blog, and others haven't.

January 31, 2013--he had been here for 1 week.  Getting to know Ducky.

One of my favorites--didn't matter that he was not quite 3 months old--he was bound and determined to keep up with Duffy!!
He always wanted to be with Duffy and still does.

Let's play, Duffy!!

Is Duffy praying or ignoring??!! Lanny loved to be held--still does, even though he's kind of big for a lap dog, but that doesn't stop him!!

What a cutie!! February 2013

March 2013

Stick chewing

I love this one--watching Mom getting supper.

First time in Olds, first time seeing a large body of running water! May 2013

First time being able to run in a large open area without fences!! Yippee!!

Graduating to larger sticks--first time on the farm June 2013

And then suddenly, Lanny was the same size as Duffy!! July 2013

August 2013--waiting for Mom to come out and pick cherries.

October 2013--a big boy now!!

Hmmm--could jump the fence into the garden, but jumping out? "So I'll just sit here until Mom rescues me!!"

Artsy winter photo-November 2013

With his favorite personal groomer Auntie Jolene!! May 2014

June 2014

Lanny and Duffy surveying their domain!!

Regal Lanny

Mechanics' supervisor

Lanny and his main man Dave!!

Thanksgiving Day October 13, 2014

Didn't think there would be room for both of them on the porch--but apparently there is!!

And another configuration--sorry the pictures are through the screen door, but that's the only way to get them!!

Handsome and happy on the farm!!

Lanny is good natured, eager to please, wants to play and play and play and run and run and run.  Life is a party as far as Lanny is concerned. He's never met a stick he didn't like!! And in that great cosmic plan that seems to unfold even if we don't understand it a lot of the time, he came into our lives, I inherited my grandparents' farm, and voila, Lanny became the consummate farm dog. He has farm smarts, he's machinery savvy, he checks in all the time, and he can be trusted in a way Duffy can never be trusted out on the farm. He knows the friends and doesn't bark, but let a stranger even stop on the highway or turn around in the driveway, and Lanny will let us know.

Many thanks to Ray Lavelle of Erte Collies for entrusting this big bundle of love to us!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Lanny my big tri boy!! Love you always!!♥♥