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Friday, May 25, 2012

Fiesta Time!!

Viva Mexico!!! SWD put on a Mexican themed party on Wednesday for the residents of 7Y at the Edmonton General. We had nachos and salsa dip, fruit, and a margarita machine!! It broke down a time or 2 but Diane's daughter Therese got it working. The frothy, icy concoctions were a real hit with the residents--it was like a dessert for them!! We had all age groups, from the residents in their 90's to 3 of Diane's grandchildren--the youngest being 2 1/2. Four high school kids who have expressed interest in helping SWD also showed up and they talked with the residents and helped out with the pinata. I think everyone had a good time!!

Maybe if we stare at the machine long enough, it will work!!
Diane and her granddaughters serving fruit skewers.

High schools kids chatting with the residents.

There's my dad and Dzintara's to his left. June, with her back to the camera, is a regular volunteer and she got a chance to take it easy and enjoy the party instead of handing out tea and coffee as she usually does. Everyone wore beads and there were flowers to put in the ladies' hair.

Terry helping with the pinata.  We decided not to let the residents start swinging a broom handle around!! 

The kids had great fun with  it--and it takes some major whacking to break it open.  When all else fails, you can pull the ribbons at the bottom and a trap door opens.

And then all the candy falls out!! That's a happy boy!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Do you think...

That Duffy needs a new beach ball?

It has stood up well--2 1/2 years and it wintered outside, which is probably not great for it.  It has a really slow leak going on--probably rubber fatigue, or whatever it's made of!  But it's not Duffy's fault--he doesn't bite it.

Well looky, looky!!!  Duffy did get a new beach ball for his birthday!! It took us both a few tries with playing with it to adapt to a ball that had full on bounce!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day spring photos

Spring is really bursting out all over up here in Igloo Land (as Diana calls it!!).  This is one of the warmest (quickly knocking on wood as I type this!) April to May periods that we have had in a long time.  This is good in many ways.  But not good for my hay fever.  Cooler days means a longer drawn out process of emerging tree pollen mixed with the inevitable dust while we wait for the city to sweep the streets,and this means somewhat toned down bouts of hay fever. But this year...achoo..a sound that reverberates through my house and around the yard, not just for a couple of hours in the morning, but all day!  Then there's the nasal drip, which leads to coughing, often at night, which in turn means very little good quality sleep--Zzzzzzzz. And I go through a box of tissues every other day--good for Scotties Company!! Hmmm, winter isn't so bad after all!  I know, I know--bite my tongue!

Anyway I worked like a dog on Saturday--while the dog, Duffy slept in the shade!! I moved that pile of large rocks that was by the greenhouse, put in the fence around the front flower bed, and trimmed and mowed the front and back lawns.  Sunday I was exhausted and my arms ached.  So I took it easy, other than going to check out the plants at Canadian Tire--so was half of the population in north central Edmonton!  Then I stopped at the Great Canadian Stupid (or Stupor) Store, where the other half of north central Edmonton was shopping. And I think I might be picking up some of Jolene's 'good' luck--a little kid, around 2, whose parents weren't watching or caring about what he was doing slammed a grocery cart into the back of my thighs. OUCH!! I said "Jeee whiz" (really!)and limped off to the bakery department.  The mother apologized and I could hear the kid wailing all the way across the store!  I wanted to go back and say to the kid, "Why are you crying, you didn't have a cart slammed into you!!?? If anyone should be crying, it should be me!"

Besides this fun event, I also took some pictures of the loveliness of spring in my yard.
The small cherry tree in bloom.

A close up of the flowers.

Finally my tulips got a chance to bloom--after a couple of years of being frozen/snowed on!!

And I turned on my fountain for the first time this year and the otters could frolic and play!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

23 Years!!

May 6, 1989

Smooch, smooch!!

Happy 23rd Anniversary to Dave and I!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Duffy Doodles!!

Today is my Duffy's 4th birthday!! It hardly seems like 4 years have passed by already.  Duffy's coming into his prime--a fully matured (physically anyway-hahahaha), intact male Collie.  I think he gorgeous!!Duffy's going to have his birthday bath on Sunday but I brushed him and trimmed his feet today. Then the neighbor called me to come to fence--she had a gift for Duffy--awwww--and some frozen pork rinds minus the fat for him.  Is he spoiled or what!!  He is also going to get a piece of bison jerky made in Ft. Macleod, Alberta, as his special birthday treat!

Duffy's new toy! Maybe he can try out for the Edmonton Eskimos football team??

And here's the video link:
It doesn't want to open, but it's on FB!

Happy Birthday Duffy!! I love you so, so much! XOXOXOXOXO