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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lanny Helps Out

Dave took Lanny to Olds on Monday--they will be back on Thursday. It's nice to have a little rest from puppy antics for a few days--for both Duffy and I!! Dave took out that shelving unit that was in the van--now I'll have more room for things like a grooming table, camping crates, etc. Dave said that Lanny was a great supervisor!!
Lanny making sure all the washers and bolts are there!

Isn't he one fine looking dog??!!
And meanwhile...
We got a coupler--so much easier to take them both for a walk!! 

And Second Wind Dreams put on a Spring Tea to welcome Geraldine, the new RCM for 4AB

The Greek ladies and I--Dianna on my right and Kay to the left.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring time in the Rockies--well,okay, the Parkland!!

Duffy showing Lanny that age, experience, and size can help you keep the deer hoof!!

Airs above ground? Lanny loves to leap and rear up on his hind feet--I call him Trigger!!!

So attentive--there must be food around!!

The pin cherry tree blossoms are extra gorgeous this year. My hair blends into the blossoms--even though my hair isn`t pink!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Visiting relatives on Mother's Day

Dave is up here and we decided to go to the cemetery today, it being Mother's Day. I bought fresh flowers--I usually use plastic because the cemetery is out in the country and a little drive, so between the weather buffeting the flowers and the fact I wouldn't be out there all the time to change them, plastic is a better choice.  But it's really warm here--we've gone from winter to summer in one week!! Who needs spring anyway!!!  So fresh flowers seemed like the best idea.

Dave had driven my new/old van up here--I had officially purchased it on May 8. He fitted out the dog crates and we were all ready for a trip!

Photogenic Lanny!! And yes, I see that right ear--we will be gluing that down right now!!
I say visiting relatives, because my grandparents, uncle Mike, great uncles and aunts, and cousins are all buried in that country cemetery on a hill near the hamlet of Bon Accord. It struck me not too long after my mom passed, that more of my relatives are in cemeteries, than are alive.  That's an odd feeling, believe me. But that's life--and death.  We went for a drive in the country afterwards--I love doing that.  I love seeing what farmers are already in the fields, how much water is still on a lot of fields, seeing the tiny green buds coming out on the trees, and seeing the robins, hawks, seagulls, and ducks busy with their tasks.

The old part of the cemetery--mature spruce trees all through the area.  They have even set up a bench with wrought iron spruce trees on the back of the bench.
The new section.  Mother's grave is second from the left across the little roadway.
Don't my 3 guys look good???!!! And Duffy and Lanny look so good together!!♥♥♥♥
All our hairs blowing in the wind!!

The Colliemobile aka Wapastim--which means White Horse in Cree.
It was a lovely day although a little sad.  But I'm happy with the van, the dogs like the van, Dave is here and we're celebrating our anniversary, and hopefully we won't see any snow until December!!
Happy Mother's Day to all!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary to my Honey!!

We'll celebrate later this week--Dave came down with the intestinal bug going around Olds so he had to stay there. I'm headed to Olds Wednesday, probably, to get my new/old van and then we'll drive up here.
In his favorite element--outdoors!!
Still handsome after all these years!! Love you always Sweetie!!♥♥♥♥


Saturday, May 4, 2013

There's a birthday today!!!!!

Yes it's Duffy's 5th Birthday!! I can hardly believe he's 5 already.  He and I have made a pact to stop aging at our respective ages right now--at least for 5 years.  So he will stay 5 and I'll stay 60!! I think that's a fine idea!! Duffy has become the love of my life.  You all can probably recall the blog posts and emails of his early years where I mentioned that he wasn't the dog that I had expected or had wanted. He was not the biddable easy collie that I had envisioned.  He was stubborn, used (and still uses) passive resistance techniques, was a challenge all the time, and drove me up the wall so many times! But he is also so very smart and is incredibly intuitive.  He is one of the few links to my mother that I have--we took him to the EG when he was 9 weeks old and he went right to her. And he continued to check on her and care about her right to her last day on earth.

From an unaffectionate puppy, he is now the most affectionate dog one could hope for. He's my protector, the yard's protector, and the neighbors' protector. He's a good judge of character--he usually chooses to ignore people he doesn't care for, unless he thinks they are a threat to me. He has no aggressiveness in him to other dogs--he always wants to make friends, even with the ones that are snarling and lunging! Um no--not today Duffy!! He barks like a fiend!! And to a point that's okay--especially in this neighborhood but he could quit sooner!!

Duffy's new bed!

Checking it out. There's no collie on it, but that's okay.  He'll be the collie on it!!! Hahaha!!
He's mellowed and matured this year and I think a lot of this has to do with Lanny's arrival.  Duffy takes his big brother role quite seriously and has been a great help to me.  Duffy seems to know when he should show Lanny how something is done--without me asking or saying anything.  For instance he showed Lanny how to go up the outside stairs and he showed him what to do in the business place!!  But he is jealous of Lanny!! After all he was an only dog for 4 1/2 years!! And like the imp that he is with the devilish sense of humor, he takes every opportunity to push Lanny's buttons.  When I come home and Lanny is in the pen, Duffy goes out of his way to shower me with greetings--way more that he would usually!! And Lanny howls with protest!! Lanny is a howler, while Duffy is a whiner--I've decided I prefer the whining, if I have to have one of these behaviors!!
Birthday portrait!
Duffy is independent but likes to spend time beside me--then he will go off to the bedroom or find another spot to lay down when we are outside. I don't think I'm the centre of Duffy's world--unlike how Jolene's Kort feels about her.( ) Yet he's my friend and pal.  He learns things because he wants to, because it's a challenge--and he loves that-- and because he loves me. Oh, and lets not forget food!! Hahaha!!

Duffy was sent to me--of that I'm sure. Through him I've learned anew that I can deal with difficult challenges and not give up. And I've learned that sometimes we can have the most special bond in the world with the one that challenged us the most. Happy Birthday my Duffy!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I love you heart and soul forever.