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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Visiting relatives on Mother's Day

Dave is up here and we decided to go to the cemetery today, it being Mother's Day. I bought fresh flowers--I usually use plastic because the cemetery is out in the country and a little drive, so between the weather buffeting the flowers and the fact I wouldn't be out there all the time to change them, plastic is a better choice.  But it's really warm here--we've gone from winter to summer in one week!! Who needs spring anyway!!!  So fresh flowers seemed like the best idea.

Dave had driven my new/old van up here--I had officially purchased it on May 8. He fitted out the dog crates and we were all ready for a trip!

Photogenic Lanny!! And yes, I see that right ear--we will be gluing that down right now!!
I say visiting relatives, because my grandparents, uncle Mike, great uncles and aunts, and cousins are all buried in that country cemetery on a hill near the hamlet of Bon Accord. It struck me not too long after my mom passed, that more of my relatives are in cemeteries, than are alive.  That's an odd feeling, believe me. But that's life--and death.  We went for a drive in the country afterwards--I love doing that.  I love seeing what farmers are already in the fields, how much water is still on a lot of fields, seeing the tiny green buds coming out on the trees, and seeing the robins, hawks, seagulls, and ducks busy with their tasks.

The old part of the cemetery--mature spruce trees all through the area.  They have even set up a bench with wrought iron spruce trees on the back of the bench.
The new section.  Mother's grave is second from the left across the little roadway.
Don't my 3 guys look good???!!! And Duffy and Lanny look so good together!!♥♥♥♥
All our hairs blowing in the wind!!

The Colliemobile aka Wapastim--which means White Horse in Cree.
It was a lovely day although a little sad.  But I'm happy with the van, the dogs like the van, Dave is here and we're celebrating our anniversary, and hopefully we won't see any snow until December!!
Happy Mother's Day to all!!



Dad's pawrents grave are to far to drive. Over a thousand miles north. Dad thinks of them on days like this though.

Essex & Sherman

onecollie said...

besides going to the cemetery , what a nice day....I love your van!!! I love the picture of you guys all wind blown!
Gotta get up there & take all 4 of our boys for a walk, what a site we will be, 2 tris & 2 sables!!!!!....oh & two greys hahahahahaha!
Happy Mother's Day!♥

Dianne SS said...

Wouldn't that be a hoot Jolene!! Two grays? Oh who could you be referring to?? Hahahahaha!!! Going to the cemetery was okay too--it's a lovely place and always makes me feel at peace.

I'm sorry that Dog Dad is so far away from his parents--that must be difficult, but I know you 2 help him a lot. We're all so lucky to have our collies.

Squishy said...

Well FINALLY a post about your collie vehicle!!! You can come and visit now???? Bring that other Canadian too with her two collies. I think the cemetery is beautiful. And I also like the blowin' in the wind photo of you and your boys. And Dave too, is very handsome. Lannie is looking good. Can't wait to see him in the show ring. We all need more detailed photos. When Jolene comes for the dog walk you both need to have a play dog show day and trim, groom, show, photograph, video-tape??? Okie dokie!! Sorry about your's been so long since my mom passed I try to forget Mother's Day. Riding was better yesterday.