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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lanny Helps Out

Dave took Lanny to Olds on Monday--they will be back on Thursday. It's nice to have a little rest from puppy antics for a few days--for both Duffy and I!! Dave took out that shelving unit that was in the van--now I'll have more room for things like a grooming table, camping crates, etc. Dave said that Lanny was a great supervisor!!
Lanny making sure all the washers and bolts are there!

Isn't he one fine looking dog??!!
And meanwhile...
We got a coupler--so much easier to take them both for a walk!! 

And Second Wind Dreams put on a Spring Tea to welcome Geraldine, the new RCM for 4AB

The Greek ladies and I--Dianna on my right and Kay to the left.



Collie222 said...

He is a cutie!

onecollie said...

oh Lanny you are a great help!! good boy !

Squishy said...

Good boy Lanny!

JM said...

Good job, Lanny! Hi to everyone at SWD. :)


Lanny sure looks like he knows what he is doing.