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Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary to my Honey!!

We'll celebrate later this week--Dave came down with the intestinal bug going around Olds so he had to stay there. I'm headed to Olds Wednesday, probably, to get my new/old van and then we'll drive up here.
In his favorite element--outdoors!!
Still handsome after all these years!! Love you always Sweetie!!♥♥♥♥



onecollie said...

Happy anniversary !!!!!

Squishy said...

Dave is very handsome!! Congratulations again AND I have been waiting to hear about the new/old van????????????? Are you getting it????? And Lannie is adorable. You need to post more photos! Are you going to start going to training class with him in your new/old van???? These are things I want to know. And what are you going to train him???? See, Sage got a new collar now I want all my collie friends to get new collars!! And new/used vans!!!!