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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My husband!

Although I am still trying to recover from the cold from hell, I can at least see what I'm typing! Last week, that was not the case! As our 21st wedding anniversary is coming up soon, I want to sing the praises of my husband Dave--at least when it comes to Duffy and I! Hahaha! I consider myself very lucky that Dave has not only supported me in getting Duffy in the first place, but has participated in training, grooming, walking him, taking him places, and even taking him to Olds so I can have a break from one very intense and at times exhausting dog! This was more true in Duffy's 1st year--as he nears his 2nd birthday, he is settling down more. He has fully supported my choices of feeding as I went from kibble and ground prepared raw meat patties to a full out prey-model raw meat and bone diet. He is totally on board with my opposition to vaccines and other chemical laced things like worm treatments. I have read and heard about other women have struggled with their husbands over these issues and have not had their supoort, never mind help. I know Dave loves Duffy as much as I do (well pretty darn close-lol) and I love them both! Enjoy some pix of my 2 guys over the last 2 years!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Duffy in the Country

Last Friday, while Dave and Duffy were still in Olds, Dave loaded up Duffy in the truck and took him out into the country east of Olds. There's a coulee in the area, a pheasant sanctuary and lots of  dirt tracks to explore. Duffy loved every minute of it, of course. Just as they were going to leave and Dave had put the camera in the truck (isn't that what always happens?),  Duffy was still wandering about the bushes, busy sniffing and suddenly a pheasant flew up into the air. This wasn't in the sanctaury--birds don't pay attention to boundaries--maybe no one has showed them the map! Anyway, Duffy was so surprised that he ran around in circles barking. ""What was that Dave? What do I do Dave?" Yip yip yip! He finally settled down and they walked around some more. Suddenly Duffy froze--just like those pointer dogs--not a twitch,a blink, nothing. He had heard or seen something in the bushes about 10 feet away. Dave said to him "Let's see what it is," and Duffy then moved toward the bush. A male pheasant flew up into the air and and a couple of yards away, the female flew up. Duffy sures learns fast--usually only needs one experience of something for him to figure out what to do! Smart boy!
                                       So many interesting smells!

                                        Back home--all tuckered out!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday wishes!

Today is my dear friend Sarah's 50th birthday! We call each other "Twinnie" because our birthday's are on the 12th--although not the same month or year! We met as instructors at the then School of Native Studies at the University of Alberta and became friends. That was over 15 years ago.  We both stopped working there in the early 2000's because we couldn't stomach the politics and the direction that the School was been taken. In addition to being the mother of 3 much loved and talented children, she continued on at university to get her Ph.D in Ed. Policy Studies. Sarah has been part of the Aboriginal Women's group Asani since the 1990's. She is so very talented in music, that it takes my breath away when I hear and see her sing and goosebumps rise on my arms! I've often compared her to Buffy St. Marie. I posted a video from Youtube on FB.

                                                                          Asani winning an Aboriginal Achievment Award

May the next 50 years of your life be filled with love, contentment, music, laughter, friends, and all that fulfills you!

Happy Birthday Twinnie! XXOO

Friday, April 9, 2010

My favorite Calendar Picture!

This is the photo for April on my Collie calendar. I just love it! I call it "The Running Duffies"! I would love to have 3 Collies--one of each color!! One day!

Athletic Duffy

Wednesday morning, Dave and Duffy were playing outside and I grabbed the camera and took some pictures. The yard looks very different this morning with a couple of inches of snow covering everything that doesn't have 1/2 an inch of ice on it! Notice the pile of branches--that's what Dave pruned off the 2 big apple trees and I carried and piled them in the garden.  Dave has to bring the chipper up here to dispose of the branches.
This is my fave-I think only one paw is on the ground!

Do I love my Duffy--oh yes! Do I take too many pictures of him? Oh probably, but why not!


A Happy, Happy Birthday to Squishy aka Diana!!! You now join me in the decade of being in one's 50's! Of course I'm rapidly (far too rapidly!) heading into the next decade!

 Have a wonderful day! You deserve it!

From Duffy and Dianne!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What a Difference Two Weeks Makes!

It's Easter weekend and the snow is almost all gone! Just some hold-out patches of ice in very shady spots. Yesterday I spent all afternoon raking up the back yard and cleaning out the big flower bed where the irises grow. The yard sure looks a lot better than it did a couple of weeks ago. And of course I had my faithful companion and supervisor Duffy to keep me to the tasks!

Duffy surveying the raked lawn
Oh oh--tail's up! Barking at someone going down the sidewalk!

Coming to tell me I did a good job and now let's play!
Notice the lawn chair and the snow shovel--only in Canada!

Kort at Camrose

The judge examining Kort

Open male class-Kort and Prairiemist Macchiato

Winners male-Tamaron's Let's Make a Deal and Kort the winner
Best of Breed went to the tri Am.Can.Ch. Highcroft Ultimate Quest
(Like the pose Jolene!)

To finish the tale of Kort and Jolene at the Camrose Dog Show--Kort got 2 points as Winners Dog on Sunday! Yay for Kort and Jolene! Now just one more point to get his championship. Jolene says I'm her good luck charm because Kort got all but 2 of his points when I was in attendance at the shows! Does that mean a trip to Medicine Hat is in order? LOL