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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My husband!

Although I am still trying to recover from the cold from hell, I can at least see what I'm typing! Last week, that was not the case! As our 21st wedding anniversary is coming up soon, I want to sing the praises of my husband Dave--at least when it comes to Duffy and I! Hahaha! I consider myself very lucky that Dave has not only supported me in getting Duffy in the first place, but has participated in training, grooming, walking him, taking him places, and even taking him to Olds so I can have a break from one very intense and at times exhausting dog! This was more true in Duffy's 1st year--as he nears his 2nd birthday, he is settling down more. He has fully supported my choices of feeding as I went from kibble and ground prepared raw meat patties to a full out prey-model raw meat and bone diet. He is totally on board with my opposition to vaccines and other chemical laced things like worm treatments. I have read and heard about other women have struggled with their husbands over these issues and have not had their supoort, never mind help. I know Dave loves Duffy as much as I do (well pretty darn close-lol) and I love them both! Enjoy some pix of my 2 guys over the last 2 years!


onecollie said...

awww what wonderful pictures & such a nice post! Love seeing those baby pictures of Duffy!, I hadn't seen those before!
Hard to believe our boys will be 2 soon, but owning them has taught us so many things & brought the 2 of us together to become friends!
Good dogs!
Happy"coming up" Anniversary!

Dianne SS said...

You're so right that our 2 bratty boys have taught us so much and that through them we got to be friends! Out of adversity comes wonderful things!

I can hardly believe how little Duffy and Kort were once! Big teenagers now!

Squishy said...

That photo of your husband and baby Duffy sleeping in the hammock is so precious!! I have read about husbands not being on board either with the raw diet/no vaccines, etc and I actually don't get it. If someone loves and trusts you, they will support you. Nice post. Your husband sounds so sweet.

Dianne SS said...

Dave a is a pretty good guy alright! Yeah I don't understand those attitudes either.