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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Duffy's 2nd Birthday!

Duffy is already 2 years old today! We've gone through a lot in the last 2 years with this difficult, stubborn, willful, rambunctious, tough, strong, loving, schmoozing, protective, and intelligent boy. He's been a challenge and I have had to constantly look for new ways to train and deal with him--no easy dog this one.  But, he has settled down and matured some more in the last few months and I'm pretty sure that by the time Duffy is 3, he's going to be the most fabulous dog. But meanwhile, we are going to enjoy every minute of his 2nd year! Happy Birthday my Duffy Boy!
Jolene is holding up Duffy on May 24, 2008. We had been out when the puppies were 2 weeks old, eyes not opened yet, but we didn't take any pictures. Thanks to Jolene for taking some at 3 weeks!
And there's the tail--right from the start! A couple of days before we brought him home from Davenloch.
Always inquisitive! June 29, 2008.
Duffy at 1 year old--May 4, 2009
May 2010
He's so handsome!
What a day for a birthday! May 4, 2010

Duffy out in the storm. Happy Birthday anyway!


onecollie said...

Happy Birthday Duffy Dawg!!!!!
So funny Dianne how we both threw in a ton of words to describe our boys! LOL!!

J. said...

Happy Birthday Duffy! I love looking at the old photos and still remember Naya asking ages ago, "Does Duffy still chew on little girls?" LOL

Squishy said...

Happy Birthday Duffy. He's very handsome! He has a very nice curly tail too!! Hahaha!!!

Dianne SS said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Back then Duffy chewed on everybody and everything! Puppy time and teething! He nibbles now! LOL!And how can we not love that curly tail! Hahaha!