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Saturday, July 26, 2014

July continued...

A few more farm pictures and our big wind and rain storm on Friday July 25.
Here comes Lanny!!!

Hmmm, who's been along here?  Coyote or fox?

Looks like Dave is telling Lanny and Duffy some kind of a story!!

Lanny is kind of like a farmer--in this case he's a dog outstanding in his field!! Hahaha!!

The rain really came down!!

Drowning the carnation plant.

Let's hope we don't get another storm like this one for the rest of this summer!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July on the farm and in the city

I don't want to jinx anything (knocking on wood), but for the first time in years we are having a half decent summer!! It's wonderful!!

Lanny, one year ago--July 16, 2013 at 8 months old

Lanny, July 2014, 19 months old.

He's certainly grown!!
Canola crop being sprayed.

My purchased hanging pot for this year--my Mother's Day gift to myself.  Still looks beautiful!! One of my own planted pots is in the background.

The delphinium forest--they love sun and heat and are thriving this year!!

Poppy--and in the right color scheme!!

 First 2 red raspberries--there are tons of berries to ripen and pick!! 

Corn is doing very well.

The delphiniums by Rover's grave are over 7 feet tall this year!!

My first grapes!! But I don't think there will be enough for  a glass of wine, let alone a bottle!!

The giant teal colored dragonflies are zipping around the yard, catching mosquitos and sunning themselves in the patio.  Can you spot all 3?