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Thursday, July 10, 2014

July on the farm and in the city

I don't want to jinx anything (knocking on wood), but for the first time in years we are having a half decent summer!! It's wonderful!!

Lanny, one year ago--July 16, 2013 at 8 months old

Lanny, July 2014, 19 months old.

He's certainly grown!!
Canola crop being sprayed.

My purchased hanging pot for this year--my Mother's Day gift to myself.  Still looks beautiful!! One of my own planted pots is in the background.

The delphinium forest--they love sun and heat and are thriving this year!!

Poppy--and in the right color scheme!!

 First 2 red raspberries--there are tons of berries to ripen and pick!! 

Corn is doing very well.

The delphiniums by Rover's grave are over 7 feet tall this year!!

My first grapes!! But I don't think there will be enough for  a glass of wine, let alone a bottle!!

The giant teal colored dragonflies are zipping around the yard, catching mosquitos and sunning themselves in the patio.  Can you spot all 3?



onecollie said...

I didn't know Rover was buried in the yard! If I did I forgot! how wonderful he is in the yard and not alone somewhere.
I love the poppies! are they easy to grow? I might get some for nest year.
and grapes!! adorable little grapes, i hope you get enough for at least a glass of wine ;)

Dianne SS said...

Oh, yes Rover is here. The only other place my mom would have had him be, would have been on the farm. All these years there's been a raised rockery over the spot. When Duffy was a little pup, his first summer, he would go over there a lot, and I always thought that maybe he sensed something. Maybe silly on my part, but who knows? Poppies are very easy to grow--too easy!! They seed themselves and will take over everything!! As for the grapes, well if not some wine, then a handful to eat!! When they ripen, they aren't too bad to eat!!