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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June is busting out all over....

In fact it's almost over, so I better get my all encompassing tragically long post of the month done before it's too late! June actually began by dripping all over and it sounds like it might end that way, but in between we've had some reasonable summer weather and not too much rain--for a change.  South of here they have had scads of rain and flooding--not as bad as last year but still way too much at one time especially with the spring run-off from the mountains happening at this time of year. Let's hope things turn around for those areas of the province.

This time last year I was on a down hill skid of increasing stress and ill health.  Like I said on Facebook, I don't think anyone realized how sick I really was.  Heck, I didn't realize realize how sick I really was. I kept plodding along trying to get stuff done when I could, feeling awful more and more of the time, stressed by the aftermath of my uncle's death, and dealing with symptoms of hyperthyroidism that made me feel miserable and made life miserable. Read about hyperthyroidism and its symptoms:

Note things like irritability, tremor in the hands, racing heart--not fun. I was so angry so much of the time--mind you I had some really good reasons to be angry, but I was so easily irritated.  I became more easily out of breath all the time, overwhelmed by everything, worn out, tired, coughing  through the night so no sleep, suffered from fluid retention to a huge degree, and finally ended up in the hospital in October with what was either a thyroid storm or pretty close to it and a diagnosis of possible Grave's Disease, an autoimmune hyperthyroid disorder. Here's a picture of what my legs looked like in August:
Notice how swollen the legs and the ankles are--that's not a good sign re the heart.  I also broke out in that rash. Not a fun summer or fall .  I was criticized and chastised for some of the choices I made last year, and I'm not referring just to my health.  But none of these people understood what I was going through. The saying "Walk a mile in the other person's shoes before you judge" is a good thing to remember.  I made the best decisions that I could at the time, no one was hurt, no one was neglected, unloved, or not cared for. I do wish I had started this proper homeopathy a lot sooner, would have made things easier for all. A year has gone by since the worst started--my heart rate is still on the high side, I still have shortness of breath at times, and it may be a long time before I can take agility classes with my dogs. I'm thinking of having some one train and handle them, especially Lanny. I am working with a combo of allopathic meds that I don't have bad reactions to and a competent homeopath.  In fact the dogs and I are under the homeopath's care and have been for almost 5 months.  Duffy is finally, after almost 6 years, having consistently solid poops, Lanny's focus has improved immensely, and I have energy and vitality again, and I'm enjoying my life.  I'm also making the conscious effort to push aside the negative and ignore things that people do or say that are ill-informed or hurtful. I know that I am a woman with more than an average intelligence and ability to make the best decisions possible for any set of circumstances. I've weathered a great deal last year, not just with my own health, etc. and I am stronger for it.

On to the pictures!!

Towards the end of May, Jolene, who was visiting family in the Edmonton area, came over to groom Mister Lanny.
He has such a sweet expression!!
The artiste at work!! Thank you again Jolene!! You're the best--friend and Collie groomer!!
The SWD gals went for our annual spring lunch at the Highlands Golf Club--it was raining, so indoor pictures!!
SWD held our 9th Annual BBQ and I had to step in to emcee and stuff as Diane's mom had fallen that morning and she couldn't leave her parents.
We had square dancers again, and they were enjoyed by all--note the couple in the lower right hand of the picture--they are holding hands--how sweet!!
Father's Day--the boys in the backyard. I gave Lanny a new toy--the Chewber that he's holding.
First Lanny looked one way.
Then he looked the other way.
Then he lay down on the porch. Notice that Duffy never moves. While it may look like Lanny has the premier position, it's actually Duffy who does--that's a nice cool spot on a warm day and a protected spot on a rainy day!
A mercifully short video (eh Jolene?? lol)
On the farm last week--that's canola planted there.
Duffy stepping out.
Lanny looking to see that we are coming too!
I made Strawberry Jam on Saturday--first time I've made that kind of jam.  I've never bought enough strawberries at one time and as I like to use the organic ones, it's kind of expensive.  But one store had a 2/$7.00 special, and I got a couple of pounds more at another store a few days later.  I can hardly wait to try it!!
My garden is coming along nicely and I'm so happy to be feeling well enough to work outside and enjoy it all!!
Coral is my color scheme for this year--and I'm wearing quite a lot of it too!!
Moved the Otter Fountain to a shaded spot to reduce algae growth.  Love my fountain!!
Lots of soil and work into doing all the pots--everything from tomatoes to petunias and geraniums.
Yesterday part of one of the apple trees cracked and fell. The trees are over 40 years old and Dave has been cutting rotted and dead branches off them for several years. It's part of the circle of life, but still sad.
The birdbath broke its fall, but I was able to move it over. Dave the woodsman will be in tomorrow to chop it up. 

And what's lined up for summer? I've already signed up for 4 shifts as Ambassader at one of gates for K-Days in July. Bachman and Turner are playing at K-Days on the 20th, so we want to see them.  Loverboy is there Monday--I might go alone to that one--Dave's not interested!! Hahaha!!  I changed the tracking seminar to the one in October--think that will easier on me when it's cooler. And we'll see what else comes along!!  Happy Summer!!



Stay healthy & happy. Hope you have a pawsome summer.


Dianne SS said...

Thank you Sherman!! I hope you and Dog Dad have a wonderful summer too!!

onecollie said...

omg!!!! how the heck did I miss this entire post?? duh!!
goes to show ya how crazy my June has been!!
I am so glad that your year is better then the last, that was such a scary time for you! your legs omg! I remember when I first saw this picture I almost died!
Love the pictures of the boys on and under the stairs haha
How is Lanny's coat coming in? I had to do the same thing with Tate's bloomers when I got home, shaves out all the inside of his legs due to matts, they just appeared overnight, sort of, he hasn't had a bath in a long time as it is too hard on him, he likes it though, nice and cool :)
Hope July is less crazy!!
love and hugs!

Dianne SS said...

LOL!! I've been doing an experiment to see how long it would take before anyone read the blog--and commented!! Sherman from Key West Collies, was the only one on the ball--no pun intended!!I don't know where Lanny gets all that hair on his front legs from!! Still brushing out his woolly winter coat!! xoxoxo to you too!!