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Friday, May 16, 2014

18 Months Old!!

Lanny was 18 months old on May 13!!  He's such a big boy, I have to remind myself that he's still a puppy with lots of maturing and filling out to do!! We were all out at the farm on Sunday, Mother's Day.  After a trip to the cemetery to clean up the graves and refresh the flowers, I wanted to get some photos of the dogs and especially of Lanny as his 18th month BD was coming up. It was a pretty nice day, until the wind swung into action around noon!! But that's par for the course these days!!
Lanny, Duffy and I.  Don't know what was capturing their attention to the right.  There's a whole story about the jacket I'm wearing, which you can see is a bit big!! But it's very useful!!

"Who are you lookin' at?"  Who are YOU lookin' at?"

Mister Athletic Lanny in Overdrive

Camouflage Duffy!! That tree trunk was perfect for sitting on and enjoying the scenery and the dogs.
And for climbing up on!!

Pretty as a picture--or more correctly, handsome as a picture!!


Collie222 said...

Beautiful pictures! We are going to try to spend lots of time outside this weekend too!
BTW - are you on Facebook? You should join my collie photography group. It's called "Our Beautiful Collies"

Squishy said...

Love the Lanny in Overdrive photo! Thanks for posting photos! Looks beautiful in Iglooland!

onecollie said...

It is so pretty out there! you are so lucky to have the place to take the boys for a romp!
I had to laugh at the jacket as I made fun of Diana not that long ago when she was wearing an oversized jacket too!

Dianne SS said...

Thanks for the invitation Collie222--I'll join!

I think you've missed a couple of blog posts Diana!

Yeah the jacket--Dave found it on the street. And I thought--ewwwww, and left it in the garage for a year!! Then I finally washed it. It was in perfect condition, not a rag or anything!! It's very useful for gardening, being at the farm, dog walking!!


Lanny looks like he is doing pawtastic. Those are some grrrreat pawtographs.


Dianne SS said...

Thank you Sherman!!