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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Silver Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, May 6, was our 25th Wedding Anniversary--the Silver Anniversary!!
Weather wise, it wasn't a sit out on the patio and sip wine kind of day!!There was a cold northern wind blowing, some snow, then rain, and then some sun--in other words a typical day in Alberta--apparently for 8 months of the year now!! We went out for a very nice supper at Joeys on Jasper, then home to sample the Canadian Ice Wine that Dave had bought a couple of years ago and that we had decided to save for our 25th anniversary. I found Canadian Ice Wine dark chocolate truffles at Purdey's--the woman there made up those cute little silver boxes for our special occasion.  The wine--well I guess ice wine is supposed to be consumed closer to the purchase date?  It was supposed to be white wine, but had turned a claret color and tasted like claret or port!!  Not unpleasant, still quite fruity, but not what I had expected. A little went a long way!! We had a lovely day, with lots of laughs and that's one of the most enduring qualities about our relationship--the friendship and the sense of fun and humor. Here's to as many more years together that the Creator will grant us!! ♥♥


onecollie said...

What a special day!
Congratulations to you and Dave! The wine sounds interesting, I may have to look into that.
On Brad and my 25th Anniversary I want to renew our vows with the family. I think it will mean more now, after all of our years together, I hope I can get Brad on board with it, he has 6 years to decide lol I have decided already on Waterton, and everyone that wants to join us can come up there :)
Anyway back to your day, I am so happy it was filled with laughs, laughing is good , and if you can still laugh together after 25 years you must be doing something right!
love you my friend

Dianne SS said...

Awww, thanks my friend!! Yes humor can keep you sane and from killing someone!! Hahaha!! I still don't know what ice wine is really supposed to taste like!! And it's EXPENSIVE!! Renewing vows is a lovely idea. Sadly for us, most of our family members are gone, and the ones still here are not is good shape. It was kind of a bittersweet day for us--the people that would have remembered and made a special fuss over us, are gone--like his mom and my mother. And no one else remembers or really cares all that much. If you have to remind people ahead of time, that takes a little away from it all!! But this is what happens when people get married when they are older and have small families to start with. C'est la vie!!

Squishy said...

Happy Anniversary Dianne!! I used to know the sense of humor.......hugs & kisses to you and Dave!!!!!

Dianne SS said...

Thank you Diana!!XOXO