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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Duffy in the Country

Last Friday, while Dave and Duffy were still in Olds, Dave loaded up Duffy in the truck and took him out into the country east of Olds. There's a coulee in the area, a pheasant sanctuary and lots of  dirt tracks to explore. Duffy loved every minute of it, of course. Just as they were going to leave and Dave had put the camera in the truck (isn't that what always happens?),  Duffy was still wandering about the bushes, busy sniffing and suddenly a pheasant flew up into the air. This wasn't in the sanctaury--birds don't pay attention to boundaries--maybe no one has showed them the map! Anyway, Duffy was so surprised that he ran around in circles barking. ""What was that Dave? What do I do Dave?" Yip yip yip! He finally settled down and they walked around some more. Suddenly Duffy froze--just like those pointer dogs--not a twitch,a blink, nothing. He had heard or seen something in the bushes about 10 feet away. Dave said to him "Let's see what it is," and Duffy then moved toward the bush. A male pheasant flew up into the air and and a couple of yards away, the female flew up. Duffy sures learns fast--usually only needs one experience of something for him to figure out what to do! Smart boy!
                                       So many interesting smells!

                                        Back home--all tuckered out!


onecollie said...

he's a bird dog ! LOL!~
I sure love Duffy's huge white collar!!, & everytime I see that picture of him looking into the window I smile!! I see so much of Kort in his face!

breezi said...

I just found your blog. I love collies also and will enjoy follwing your activities with your collie. I have one collie, a GSD and a Miki.

Squishy said...

I have a real bird dog you can have........