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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring time in the Rockies--well,okay, the Parkland!!

Duffy showing Lanny that age, experience, and size can help you keep the deer hoof!!

Airs above ground? Lanny loves to leap and rear up on his hind feet--I call him Trigger!!!

So attentive--there must be food around!!

The pin cherry tree blossoms are extra gorgeous this year. My hair blends into the blossoms--even though my hair isn`t pink!!


euthymic said...

Looks like you are sharing beautiful moments with your dogs:)

Squishy said...

Didn't you just have snow like 2 days ago????? Lannie is adorable! Of course, so is Duffy. He has lots of stuff to show his new little friend. I want more close up photos and a show day and when are you going to show Lannie????

Linda said...

Precious moments...your photos are lovely!


Excellent pawtographs.