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Friday, May 25, 2012

Fiesta Time!!

Viva Mexico!!! SWD put on a Mexican themed party on Wednesday for the residents of 7Y at the Edmonton General. We had nachos and salsa dip, fruit, and a margarita machine!! It broke down a time or 2 but Diane's daughter Therese got it working. The frothy, icy concoctions were a real hit with the residents--it was like a dessert for them!! We had all age groups, from the residents in their 90's to 3 of Diane's grandchildren--the youngest being 2 1/2. Four high school kids who have expressed interest in helping SWD also showed up and they talked with the residents and helped out with the pinata. I think everyone had a good time!!

Maybe if we stare at the machine long enough, it will work!!
Diane and her granddaughters serving fruit skewers.

High schools kids chatting with the residents.

There's my dad and Dzintara's to his left. June, with her back to the camera, is a regular volunteer and she got a chance to take it easy and enjoy the party instead of handing out tea and coffee as she usually does. Everyone wore beads and there were flowers to put in the ladies' hair.

Terry helping with the pinata.  We decided not to let the residents start swinging a broom handle around!! 

The kids had great fun with  it--and it takes some major whacking to break it open.  When all else fails, you can pull the ribbons at the bottom and a trap door opens.

And then all the candy falls out!! That's a happy boy!!


Jane said...

Hey, nachos, margaritas and a pinata!! Looks like a great time was had by all. I guess my invitation must have got lost in the mail... lol! I love that there were four high school students volunteering their time as well. Very nice :)

Squishy said...

I think drunk residents swinging that broom would have been a kick! You coulda videotaped it!!

Dianne SS said...

Next time Jane!! Yes, it is really nice to see that there are kids out there today that want to do something useful.

There was no booze in the drinks Diana! But residents swinging a broom stick would still have been scary, even without it!!


Do they sell any with Dog Biscuts?

How many flavors does Nachos Cheese come in. Dog Dad is always telling us to leave him alone, that it's Nachos Cheese and not for us.

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