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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have just have to post about this--or rather vent--if for no other reason than to get it off my chest and this is my blog, so I can do so!!  I was reading a blog that a friend has on her blog roll.  I won't name names.  The writer was commenting about finding a lump on her dog and she thought it was at the site of the rabies shot that the dog had a week ago.  But she wasn't sure.  So she took the dog to the vet to confirm and yes it was the site of the shot.  But nothing to worry about.  Nothing to worry about?????????? REALLY??????????? Does the vet have a clue???Is this what he was taught in vet med school, to ignore lumps at vaccine injection sites??? Wow--get another vet. Now!!! And then, if this wasn't bad enough, reading the comments really incensed and appalled me. One prattled that they were glad the dog was okay--yeah, well it isn't, obviously. As if lumps are normal you know!!! Another related that she had to give her dog Metacam before any shots because the dog cried with pain. OMG!!!! Are these people idiots or what?? You would actually continue to give your dog vaccinations when the dog cries in pain??????? I know there are those asinine rabies laws in the USA, but come on. You certainly don't have to give them yearly 'booster' shots of distemper, parvo, and gawd knows what else. I swear, people get more stupid by the day and are so easily brainwashed by doctors and vets into believing that these vaccinations are for the good of their children/dogs/pets when clearly they aren't.

For anyone interested in some reading about the issue of sarcomas at vaccine injections sites, here are some items to start with. " Science of Vaccine Damage" by Catherine O'Driscoll.  She gives an overview of the Perdue study of the changes that vaccines can cause in dogs' immune systems. The Perdue study itself: The Perdue study found that the vaccinated dogs developed autoantibodies to many of their own biochemicals: fibronectin, laminin, DNA, albumin, cystochrome C, cardiolipin, and collagen.  The consequences of these adverse reactions are far-reaching, including reducing the body's ability to fight cancers. Also "Fibrosarcomas at Presumed Sites of Injection in Dogs:Characteristics and Comparisons with Non-Vaccinated Site Sarcomas and Feline Post-vaccinal Fibrosarcomas". Journal of Veterinary Medicine. Series A. August 2003, vol. 50, no.6, pp.286-291. From DVM360, online, "Vaccinations: An Overview" by Dr. Melissa Kennedy. In her discussion of adverse reactions to vaccines, she notes about delayed responses which require days or longer to develop, "The vaccine, seen as foreign, elicits a significant inflammation response and is especially true of     adjuvanated vaccine.  The response can manifest as a granuloma or more seriously a fibrosarcoma.". She goes on to say that in dogs the likelihood of adverse reactions correlates with the size of the dog and number of innoculations given--there is a higher risk with small sized dogs and with multiple shots.

It's high time that people began to question the so-called 'conventional' thinking about vaccines.



I would have questioned the lump and gotten a second opinion. I probably rely on my vet too much, but will call things into question.

Dog Dad & Essex

J. said...

Yikes. I had someone post on a kids' vaccine info site about their dog who was into its second day of non-stop vomiting after its rabies booster. The poster was asking, "Should I be worried?" Um...well, I'd be.

Honestly, people have to use their common sense and good judgment, if they have any. If I had a kid who displayed symptoms of neurological impairment after a vaccine, you'd bet that I'd be asking the hard questions of my doctor. If I had a pet with lumps at the injection site, I'd definitely be cross-examining my vet.

The aluminum adjuvant in human vaxes is suspected of causing hard residual lumps as well. It's in the medical lit.

Cynthia said...

We did Titers when we can and only vaccinate if they are low. Though I need to look at our rabies laws. Now that we have no pet limit I want to get them all licensed but i don't want to get them all rabies, but maybe it's ok if they are 3 year. None of them have had bad reactions to them *knock on wood*

Candice said...

Good grief. Yet I used to be an over-vaccinater and just do whatever the vets/doctors tell us. I think the only reason I'm lucky enough to have found out alternative research/quit all vaccines is because I was raised by a mother who was somewhat herbal. She was pressured into vaccinating us as kids partially and flu shots, but upon us both reading the information a few years down the road we both quit. Neither of us were ever comfortable with vaccines, I once had a reaction from an MMR a few years back, and my cat has vaccinosis. I would have lost him if I hadn't tried raw feeding. Extensive bloodwork and urinalysis told me nothing, and prior to raw he had horrible chronic vomiting and grew bone-thin. Now he's almost fat.

It's a terrible world we live in where people cannot get up the nerve anymore to question what their doctors and vets say. Just because they push you to use this drug or get this injection does not mean you cannot say, "Why?" And people forget their bodies and the bodies of their pets do not belong to the vet/doctor, but to them!! That and the combination of doctors and vets with the god complex you see so often these days (and I have family in the medical community so I'm not just talking to hear my head roar) so intimidates people they don't want to be yelled at by a "medical authority".

I'm fortunate enough to have an allopathic vet who was up-front enough to admit to me that he only took TWO WEEKS (2!!) of immunology in vet school and that is standard practice! Augh!

Squishy said...

And you know how I feel about al of this..............