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Monday, July 18, 2011

In and Around Penticton

Pictures from the next installment about our trip!!

The Penticton River--downstream,  This river is never usually so wide!! We stayed at the Ramada right beside the river and golf course and so we could take Duffy for walks along the paths that line both sides of the river.

Upstream on the river, towards Okanagan Lake

Duffy and I posing while rafters go down the river on a warm day.

We went up to Rattlesnake Springs on the Penticton Band Reserve to get water.  It's wonderful water, Duffy lapped away, and watercress grow around the spring all year round!!

Dave and Duffy on the beach.  I was so looking forward to taking Duffy for walks along the beach, but the signs said no dogs allowed from May until September--phooey!! But we snuck on, for this photo!!

Duffy and I in front the of old paddle wheeler, the HMS Sicamous.  They have been trying to float that ship for decades.

The memorial rose garden at the end of the lake. The roses were in bloom everywhere--it was so beautiful!! We can't grow roses too well here--even with wrapping them up, they die from the winter cold. So I enjoyed all the roses and took lots of pictures--you have been seeing some of them in the blog header photo.

My 2 roses!! ♥♥

A walnut tree, for goodness sake!! Never grow in Edmonton!!

Ducks on the river, hoping for food!

On the way to Okanagan Falls, south of Penticton, to visit Dave's Uncle Jack and Aunt Brenda.

The little hamlet of Okanagan Falls.

Diana will really like this picture!!Back on the reservation on our way up to the ranch.  Their livestock roam free and it's kind of nice--like the old days

The old ranch house--Dave's grandparents lived here while Dave and his family lived in a log house near where the pictures of Duffy and the horses were taken. The log house is gone now.

The A-frame that the 2 American brothers built when they bought the ranch from Dave's step-grandfather.  It's huge and there's a tennis court if you can believe it!! Like a tennis court is a necessity on a ranch!! Well one of the wives thought so.  There's a guest house, and another house also on the place. Some rich guy out of Calgary owns the ranch now and it's going downhill even more.  He's grazing fewer and fewer cattle and therefore he is losing the grazing leases that Dave's grandfather had worked so hard to acquire.  He let go the guy that was looking after the place and rehired some dipstick female who knows crap about cattle.  She had quit several years ago, but she wants her job back now and she gets it. And apparently the owner is planning to turn the ranch into a guest ranch.  Idiot.  I know it hurts Dave to see how the place has gone.

A stately Ponderosa Pine standing guard on the ranch.
We are really disappointed that our plans to buy some of the ranch land and live there is probably out of the question now that the owner is going to do the guest ranch thing.  Back to the drawing board!


J. said...

Lovely photos! It's such beautiful country. And you also have fantastic models!

Sorry about your plans...that's terrible. Maybe something even better is down the road...

Squishy said...

I'm with J. Something better is waiting.
I love all the photos. Really gorgeous area.

Squishy said...

Oh yes.....and I LOVE the mare & baby. It's just so precious!! You can see the bottom of the foal's feet. Maybe a buckskin baby...or not?

Jane said...

Great pics - love the lighting in that first shot. What a gorgeous country we live in :)


Great pictures and interesting story.

Dog Dad & Essex