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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Attack of the Mutant Mosquitoes

Well, okay, maybe not mutant--but there sure are a heck of a lot of them!!After a cool and wet Spring, guess what kind of a Summer we have been having?? If you guessed cool and wet, you'd be right!! Add in humid and over run by mosquitoes and you have the whole ugly picture.  And Edmonton now has the dubious distinction of being the mosquito capital of Canada.  We elbowed Winnipeg aside for that honor!! Haha!! The report out today told us the good news that this week there were 569 mosquitoes (exactly???) per trap throughout the city, compared with 30 per trap last week.  And apparently we haven't peaked yet!! ACCKKK! That's expected next week. Yesterday I braved the outdoors to cut the lawn, because if I waited any longer I either would have to hire some sheep (Baaaa) or start baling the grass!  I think I swatted, slapped, smacked, and smeared 569 mosquitoes!!!

The worst attack occurred when I had to pick out all the mushrooms from the lawn before I mowed.  We have tons of mushrooms too.  I was picking them the other day and the mailman asked me if I was going to make a salad?  Haahaha!! I replied, "If I wanted a shortened life." Some of the mushrooms might be edible, but who knows and I'm not taking any chances.  My Polish grandfather knew about mushrooms, but that knowledge has been lost.  I do have puff balls popping up in a couple of places and I know those are edible.

On the brighter side I picked the first basket of raspberries of the season--yay!! They are one of the few things doing really well.  They have adapted to any kind of weather this country can throw at them--all they need is a little water, and they had no shortage of that!! The cherries hardly seem to be ripening or growing at all, the zucchini  and cucumbers are stuck in a no-growth zone, and everything else is later than usual.  My poor corn that was battered down in all the rain and wind last week, is righting itself and sending out their stalks, and the peas and beans have blossoms, so we will get some veggies.

Poor corn!!
Back to the mosquitoes--did you know that the oldest known mosquito with a similar anatomy to modern mosquito species was found in 79 million year old Canadian amber from the Cretaceous period?? Just think, the ones biting us now are the 5000 trillionth generation from that one!!! 
No more of this please!!
Let's hope we get some dry weather, so we can go back to sitting outside in our backyards and enjoying what's left of Summer!!


Squishy said...

Oh my that is a big mosquito!! Luckily we have not had much of a problem. I love your garden. You are amazing! I have wild blackberries growing, so I will pick those. Oh and tomatoes!! But that's it, so I will have to come there and get some fresh produce! And, what's with the weather??? We have GEESE honking on our property and it's only the middle of JULY!!!! That doesn't happen til the fall. Soooo weird!!

J. said...

Oh, yuck! Sounds like that summer in Winnipeg back in 2001...humid, always raining, millions of mozzies. Well, I guess on the bright side, there'll be frost there in about eight weeks and they'll be history... ;P

We're lucky that we don't have too many mozzies to deal with at all here...just the flies from Nov-Jan and that's our worst time of the year for flying insects.

J. said...

P.S. Hope you can get out and enjoy that backyard before autumn arrives!

Jane said...

I am missing my walks... I can't seem to get the courage up anymore after being attacked the few times I've ventured out lately. Thanks for the very interesting info, but maybe it's 569 mosquitos per person - at least that's what it feels like!


The comment about the amber took us back to the movie Jurassic Park. Being a geologist Dog Dad is familiar with the fossils. As a young lad, he wanted to be a paleontologist.

Dad spent four years at Grand Forks, ND. The shovel and swat seasons were very familiar to him.

Essex & Dog Dad

Dianne SS said...

Bite your tongue about the frost Jacqueline!! LOL!!!

Yes North Dakota is a whole lot like the Prairie Provinces!!Extreme heat and cold! I wanted to be an archaeologist, but settled for historian!!

Sure Diana, come on up here!!

I hardly take Duffy for walks these days, Jane, because I get eaten alive!! He's got lots of hair to protect him, except for his nose!