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Friday, June 24, 2011

I finally got something I've always wanted!!

Isn't this little guy cute?

So is this one, but what do they have to do with this blog post?

Ahhha!! I always wanted a fountain for my yard and now I have one. It's a recycled solid concrete fountain--the wind won't be blowing it over! One of Dave's friends had it and as it was cracked, it was just sitting in their yard.  They got a new fountain on Mother's Day, so were happy to get rid of this one for $0.  Dave spent a whole bunch of hours filing and grinding the cracks and then finding the right epoxy to use to seal the whole thing.  He brought it up yesterday and set it up and voila! I am so happy!!♥♥


Jane said...

How positively adorable :) Enjoy!

J. said...

Love it! I adore otters!

Squishy said...

That is very cute!! And, I thought the first photo was a real thingy thing.

onecollie said...

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That sure is an intersting statue. Dog Dad and I are looking forward to August and the return of the two collie household.


Cynthia said...

How fun I want a fountain! I love them. :)