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Monday, June 13, 2011

It's raining...

Rolled oats!!! Well that's what I call these seeds that come off the huge elms that are across the street.  This year there seems to be more than usual and so far we have had 3 dumpings of them.  The latest was Friday evening, when a storm was blowing up from the west and the air was thick with these things. I've hosed them off the patio, used the leaf blower on them, and swept them up.  They're in the lawn, the garden, the flower beds, in the sidewalk cracks, eavestroughs, everywhere!! But on the bright side, they don't seem to root--unlike those *^#* seeds from Manitoba maples.  If you don't pick them when they are tiny seedings, you will never get them out!!!  But that's another blog post!!
Don't they look like rolled oats????

Meanwhile the irises are blooming!!!


J. said...

Ah, that's the bit of home I needed. I remember those so well...and trying to vacuum them off the mats at the front and back door.

Rolled oats...too bad you couldn't make oatmeal cookies with them!

onecollie said...

cool!!! I have never seen those before, they do look like rolled oats! I wonder what they taste like ? :)
Your Irises are gorgeous!!

Jane said...

They really do look like oats! Beautiful irises :)

Squishy said...

The irises are beautiful. And the rolled oats....I know what I'm having for breakfast!!!

Dianne SS said...

I wish they could be used for cooking and baking--get some use out of them!! We had another dumping of them yesterday evening!! I bet you miss them Jacqueline!! Hahaha!! I'll save some for you Jolene and you can try them out!!! :)Irises don't last too long, but they are lovely while they are blooming.