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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Got Snow?

The snow banks are growing again!

Got winter? Yeah, too much of both, thanks!! I think this is the beginning of the next ice age--if I see some wooly mammoths plodding down the street, I'll know for sure!!! And if anyone, ever mentions "global warming", I'll give them a smack up the back of the head!! And send them out into the gusting, blowing, snow to shovel the walks!!

Ahhh yes--the old sun shining while it's snowing trick! Do I hear a HAARP playing? :)

This is never a good sight out the window! Snow blowing off the roof tends to collect in unpleasant drifts on the sidewalks!
But somebody, or should I say, 'somebunny' likes the snow piles!! Hahaha!! Since Duffy's been away, the hares have decided to have a party in the back yard!!


J. said...

Whoa, those are some fabulous pics...make me shiver and say "brrrrr" in this heat...I love the idea of snow but I don't think I really miss shovelling it, walking through it, driving through it...

At least you'll have lots of moisture for your garden in spring!

onecollie said...

I would truly love to see you smack someone up side their head LOL!!!!