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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Duffy in Olds

Nothing exciting, just a few pix that I whined and pleaded for Dave to take, so that I can see my Duffy!!  It's almost 2 weeks now.  Funny how 'just a couple of days' turns into weeks. But what with the the crappy weather and some no-minds that can't make up their minds if they want Dave to fix their front end loaders, the days slip by. Sigh.

Duffy's usual position--staring through the slider windows!!  And the jungle of plants--reminds me of that Laugh-In skit.  Verrry interesting!!!!

They had a lot of snow fall in a short period of time on Saturday.

Duffy rapidly becoming a snow white dog!!

In out of the snow--in the garage.


onecollie said...

you need another yesterday !!!

Dianne SS said...

I know!!!! LOL!!!

Squishy said...

Sooo cute!! I agree with need another collie.....or 3, then 2 can be with you and two in Olds.....what do you think about that??????