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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things to do

First, I have a ton of baking to do in the next 2 days, as Second Wind Dreams is having a fundraising bake sale on Wednesday.  I have signs to make, have to try and track down the banner we used to have, and make a pretty spring looking box for the 50/50 draw.  I want to get some kind of flowers--maybe real, maybe artificial.  Wednesday is going to be a long day--the sale starts at 10, but we will have to set up the tables and put prices on the items.  Then we sell until 2-3 or whenever the baking runs out. Whose idea was this anyway? Hahaha!!

Then Jolene's Scenthurdle team is going to be at the Red Deer Dog Show Saturday, April 2.  I'm sure the rest of the team will really like me calling it Jolene's team!!  I want to be there to cheer them on and to get to see Jolene, and maybe buy some cool dog stuff--like a license plate to replace the one the old codger in Olds smashed up!!  And no, I'm not talking about Dave--I mean the other older codger who caused the accident and then lied :((

Then on Monday the 4th I have an appointment with my financial advisor for our 6 month check-up! Snort!!  And on April 5th I am attending an afternoon volunteer event for Northlands volunteers. I want to do more Northlands stuff, as we get to attend events at Northlands and it's the kind of volunteering where you do your shift and then go home.  Not like this stuff at the EG, which has become way too much like teaching, in that I'm always doing stuff at home and then going down there to do more.   We get a complimentary dinner after the seminars too!!

At the end of April--April 30 and May 1 to be exact, I am auditing a tracking seminar in Olds! Whoo Hoo!! Jolene is going to  be there--it's kind of beginning to sound like I am stalking Jolene doesn't it!! Hahahahaha!! Donna, the instructor has said that I should bring Duffy and there might be a chance to do a little bit of stuff with him. Even if there isn't, this is still going to be so neat!! And I have free accommodations too!! If Dave lets me stay there after that codger comment!!!!

May 4 is Duffy's 3rd birthday (and Kort's too and the rest of litter, wherever they are!!) and May 6 is our 22nd wedding anniversary!! Wow!! And in between, on May 5, Family Council is having staff appreciation for the staff at the EG and we will be dishing out pieces of cake from ginormous slabs and trying not to get covered in icing!!

In the meantime, there's the usual stuff to do while we wait for the winter without end to finally show some signs of ending--like before June???!!! Until then Duffy is enjoying the snow--and yes I did lay some trails across the snow banks for him and I to run around on.  He's been working on some of his own too!
Maybe he's looking for Spring down there????!!!

For some unknown reason the photos aren't showing up on the blog--I haven't changed any settings.  Anyone got any suggestions? You can click on the little white boxes and pictures will appear.


J. said...

Wow, you're busy!! I'm exhausted just reading your list!

The white boxes are strange...I put my pics in yesterday without any problem...maybe it's something new blogger is trying??

onecollie said...

my own stalker!!!!
It will be great to see you in Red Deer & I am so glad you are coming to the seminar!!!! I LOVE tracking & I'm sure you & Duffy will too! The barbecue after will be fun as well, a great weekend!
Weird about the white boxes, I thought you were getting fancy on your blog until I read they were supposed to be pictures LOL!

onecollie said...

By the way, we found out there will be 9 teams competing !!!! We will be very late I've heard, each team has to race 3 heats against the other teams, eeeek! I think we'll all be going back to our rooms for a nap before racing :))

Squishy said...

You got a whole bunch of stuff coming up!! And, I thought we all knew you stalked Jolene????????? And tracking!! That is REALLY fun!!! I wished I had the energy to do it in addition to all the other stuff I do.

The white boxes. I'd try and check to see if the photos are saved the same way and not too big. I did see they are still jpegs, but maybe you can contact Blogger and tell them you're having a problem. A blog without sad....especially when they are as cute as they are!