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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Odds and ends

So, the bake sale was a big success--beyond our wildest dreams!! People bought whole cakes for Pete's sake!!! And the guy that won the 50/50 draw who works in the STD clinic in the EG, donated the money back to us!! How cool is that!! And to think that he and his fellow workers hadn't even heard of us until that day!!! Over all, between the baking and the 50/50, we made $565!! No pix, because although I brought my camera, we were so busy, I didn't think about pictures until it quieted down and by that time there were hardly any baked goods left.  We need Doreen back--she's our picture taker!! But she wintering in Texas--hope she's back for the June BBQ!! I did take one picture at home, of one of my boxes of baking.

4 1/2 dozen muffins, 9 dozen cookies, and 18 jam-filled biscuits!

I didn't get to Red Deer to see Jolene and Kort and the Scenthurdlers after all.  One of those wonderful Spring snow storms blew in for Red Deer and south, Dave had had to work on Friday, so was stuck in Olds on Saturday.  I looked into taking the bus--I have partial night blindness (blinded by headlights) and as the scenthurdle was on late, I wouldn't be able to drive.  But it would have been a lot of hassle and it turns out the scent hurdle heats went on until 11 PM and I would have had to leave at 9:15 to get the bus back to Edmonton, putting me into Edmonton just before midnight. The bus would cost $60, then add the taxis in Red Deer and Edmonton, and having to ask the neighbor to feed Duffy and let him out, and knowing she would stay up until I was home, it just wasn't worth it.  Sorry Jolene :(  But I'm sure there will be other shows that I can see them all in action!  I sure have enjoyed the videos!!

April 3, 2011
I have spent that last 3 days in my rubber boots, bailing the water out of the backyard, specifically the area Duffy has to walk through to get to his 'business place'. For 2 of the days I used a bucket and it rubbed my fingers raw!  Then Dave suggested I borrow the neighbor's pump--I went one better than that--I used the one from my basement!! Works way better than the bucket brigade!! And I can run the hose out to the lane and send all the water on its way to the sewer system, not back on the yard!! I suspect I will be doing this everyday for the month of April--as there sure is a heck of a lot of snow out there, the ground is frozen of course, and the water has no where to go.  I have never seen so much snow on the ground at this point in April.  At this rate we will be lucky to be planting at garden by the Victoria Day weekend--which is May 23!!

Cute little pump!
Better--for awhile.  It fills in again, quite quickly. I taught Duffy to walk on the plywood to get to his place!

After one year of looking out the living room window and seeing the crane over at the Shepherd's Care facility, it came down yesterday!! It was interesting to watch it in action all this year, but I sure won't miss the blinding spotlight that glared into the living room at night!! Bye bye crane!!

There goes the last section!

Signs of Spring--the Peregrine Falcons have been back for about 3-4 weeks now--must have been a shock for them to see so much snow on the ground yet!! Good thing there are lots of pigeons in the city for them to eat! The crows are back too, I thought I heard a robin a few days ago, but I bet it packed its bags and went south again, and there's a pair of blue jays building a nest across the street.  Spring is trying to arrive!!

And last but not least SNOW MOLD!!!!!! The worst ever amount--I guess the amount of snow mold is in direct proportion to the amount of snow.  Everyone is complaining of sneezing, drippy noses, coughing, smarting eyes--fun, fun, fun!! And just for Diana, who has never seen or experienced snow mold--a picture of the ugly stuff!!

Nice eh? Imagine all the lawns covered with this!!

Happy Spring! Achoo!!!Oh and Duffy is shedding like crazy!!! Hope that's a sign of lots of warm weather ahead!!


onecollie said...

I can't believe Duffy is shedding! Kort is still growing coat!
all the snow here is pretty much gone, thank goodness!!!!
Don't worry about not making it to Red Deer, it will be much better watching us when we are more experienced ! :))

Squishy said...

That snow mold is really gross. And, to get sick from it, how weird is that???
Thanks for sharing!! Yeah on the guy who donated all the raffle money back and I'd have night blindness too if I had to take the ol' Greyhound!!! YUK!!!!

J. said...

Just checking in to see how the pumping is going...yikes.

And so glad I don't have to deal with snow mold either...eeeew. I feel for you and all the others with snow mold allergies...

Dianne SS said...

Today was the first day I didn't have to pump out water!! Whoo Hoo!! Even Duffy is sneezing from the snow mold!!