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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Weddings

(Pictures are grainy because they were taken off the TV)

I woke up around 3:30 and watched the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. I didn't purposely set the clock or anything, but I was in time to see her and her father in the car going to Westminster Abbey.  I am somewhat of a royalist--and I come by it honestly as my Polish grandmother was a big royalty fan.  Back in her day she was especially interested in Princess Marina of Greece who married George, Duke of Kent.  He was killed in an airplane crash during the WWII, so she raised their 2 children on her own.

From about the time I was in Grade 3, I started keeping scrapbooks of the royal family--British primarily, but occasionally some articles from the Scandinavian countries too.  Back then we didn't have all the magazines there are now, nor were the media so intrusive and constantly lurking for stories and photos, so one could keep up with the articles and pictures. I have slacked off in the last decade or 2, but I still save articles of the really important events and once in a while I buy the Majesty or Royalty mags from England.

And then we come to royal weddings--I have been watching them since the wedding of Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960.  That was the first televised royal wedding. They got married on May 6--our wedding anniversary!! I watched Princess Alexandra (daughter of Princess Marina) get married to Angus Ogilvy, Princess Anne marry Mark Phillips, Diana marry Prince Charles, Sarah Ferguson marry Prince Andrew, Prince Edward marry Sophie, Prince Charles wed Camilla, and now William and Kate. Marriages of the lesser royals aren't televised, but I saved the commemorative magazine issues from the Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly wedding--after all she's Canadian!!

William and Catherine's wedding was lovely and sweet. Despite the British pageantry of carriages, horse guards, Westminster Abbey, etc., the wedding seemed almost understated, much like Kate's gown. It wasn't a big flashy affair and I think it represented the personalities of the bride and groom. They both seem down to earth people and believers in the 'less is more' philosophy. I hope they have a long and happy marriage.

Now I am going to lay down and have a nap!!


J. said...

It was lovely, wasn't it? I watched the whole thing, much to K.'s chagrin "Er, I guess I'm going for take away for dinner then?" Ha ha.

I liked the dress very much...similar to Grace Kelly's...elegant, simple...beautiful. I've read a lot of critical comments (mostly from Americans it seems) that it was too plain, not showy they expected her to be in a dress bigger, grander than Diana's...over the top...someone said, "Why on earth would something like that cost $400,000?" all the handmade British lace that took ages to make for a start...

They interviewed William's RAF Search and Rescue workmates...I didn't know that he has a day job plucking people out of the ocean...ha, imagine being rescued by the future King of England. His work buddies said he's a great guy and said he'll probably be back at work in a few weeks' time...

I wish them all the best. They seem to be one of the most "normal" royal couples out of Britain in many years...they're grounded and are trying for as regular a life as they can manage (in that fishbowl)...I had to giggle when I heard that Catherine invited her grocers to the wedding... :) Other royalty, prime ministers, ambassadors, and grocers!

P.S. And the hats!! Over the top some of them! Like the ones the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie wore...ack!

onecollie said...

who is the bride at on the top photo? she resembles Katherine!
I loved the wedding, loved the dress, & think both of them will have a long & happy marriage..
Did you know they donated all of their wedding gifts to charity !

Squishy said...

That's so funny you put up pictures from the TV. I was jokingly sending cell phone photos to my friend Donna because she was making fun of me, then she'd send photos back of real life ~ picking up horse shit. It was funny.

I thought the wedding was beautiful and was really simple and classy. Like some newscaster said, Kate looked like herself in her wedding dress. A little simple for me, but it sill was gorgeous. I had it taped and missed the kiss, so might have to google that. I was all over Diana's wedding, as she was so beautiful and the same age was I was, so it was really interesting to me. And, then I cried for a week when she died.

You'll have to blog some of your magazine photos. It'd be fun to see some of them.