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Friday, February 11, 2011

So cool!!

Dave bought this for me for Christmas and I used it Wednesday for the first time!! I am thrilled with how much easier it is now to deal with a pineapple!! That's an organic pineapple by the way--mmmm, so good!!

Just like a pro!!!


J. said...

Nice! I have to get one of those...I find cutting pineapple a pain!

onecollie said...

OMG!!! yummy!!, I LOVE pineapple :))
Love the picture above the the lane & all the snow too !

Dianne SS said...

I had developed a pretty good method to cut up a pineapple, but this is so quick and easy!!♥♥ Dave!!! The lane picture was last Saturday when it was snowing and sleeting--you can see the sink holes of slush in the lane and in the next block that car was stuck the whole time I was at the back shoveling the driveway. Such fun this winter!! Thank goodness for pineapples!!!

Squishy said...

Oh my gosh!! And you have pineapple in Iglooland????????

Dianne SS said...

Oh yes!! But they are "imported"--our grocery stores all feel the need to tell us this on the signs for bananas, pineapples, oranges, mangos, etc. Like there are some other kind for us here? As opposed to those locally grown pineapples and bananas??? Paging Captain Obvious!!