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Monday, February 7, 2011

Gong Hei Fat Choy!!!

Technically, Chinese New Year was on Thursday, but we had the New Year celebration at the Edmonton General Saturday morning.  As well the New Year is celebrated for 15 days until the Lantern Festival. There are 2 units at the EG which are specifically for the Oriental population. This was a quite a move forward when it was decided to do this and I think that their presence at the EG has brought a very interesting cultural dimension to the place.  My Mother was on 5C for about 7 months and then both my parents were on 5Y for a year, so I had a first hand chance to be part of the life on those units. My parents were always included in all events, they were cared for very well there, and my dad went to the dim sum lunch every month and even tried chicken feet.  He said they were very crunchy!! As I was on Family Council and my parents were on a Chinese unit, I was asked to co-emcee the Chinese New Year celebrations in 2006 and have been doing so every since, except for last year.  I was slated to do it but came down with a cold.

So here are some pictures from this year's celebrations to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.  Kay hadn't arrived so I gave the camera to Claire and told her how to zoom, but then Kay arrived, but I was already on stage and Claire handed her the camera but didn't give her instructions! So I cropped some pictures to eliminate all the background walls and stage at least. Oh, and the weather was absolutely frightful--after beautiful days of +6 weather, it had started raining Friday night, it turned to icy snow by the morning, the wind was blowing fiercely and it was a nasty mix of slush and ice, and sleet!! But everyone was there--guest speakers, entertainment, and families.
Vicky and myself with Averil Suriyakumaran, Executive Director waiting her turn to come out to speak.  Vicky is a 2nd-year med student!!!

The God of Good Fortune ushering in the lions

The Lion Dance was performed by members of the Chinese Free Mason Athletic Club. And boy are they are athletic doing this performance and there are 2 girls in the top of part of 2 of the lions!!!

Drums, cymbals--very loud!!!

Songs from the Canadian Chinese Children's Choir

They are so cute and I love all their different costumes!

A very talented pianist

A little girl with a big operatic voice.

Beautiful girl and costume performing a Spring Dance


J. said...

It looks like such a great the costumes, lion dancers, and choir!

Dianne SS said...

It always is a wonderful celebration and really adds some much needed color and excitement, especially at this time of the year!! The Lion Dance is fantastic!!

Squishy said...

Wow, what a production!! I love all the costumes and I bet those girls are talented on the piano & voice.