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Friday, February 18, 2011

Blue Skies

Today we had one of those perfect blue sky days that we are supposed to have here in Alberta and used to have lots of before we began to be inundated with chem trails and HAARP clouds and weather systems in the mid-1990's. So while it was a cool -24 this morning, when I was done the sidewalk shovelling, I sat outside on the bench in the sun and enjoyed the clear sky.  The only thing missing was Duffy--he's down in Olds with Dave. :(

All too typical though--multiple criss-crossed trails.  This was taken last September.

And then they cover the sky with this cloud soup and our sunny day is no more.

And example of HAARP clouds with chem trails across the horizon.

I'd like to see lots more of this kind of sky again!!

PS. In case you think I am some kind of a nut case, I was a weather technician for the Alberta Forest Service for 4 years, so I know full well what real clouds should look like and the difference between con trails and chem trails!! :)


onecollie said...

cool !! you are just full of surprises! I learn new things all the time !

Dianne SS said...

Is that a good thing???? LOL!!!

Squishy said...

Oh my gosh you're freaking me out!!! And, I'm worried about Monsanto!!! Now I gotta be worried about the clouds???
You really need another collie when Duffy goes to Olds. That sounds very sad to be without a collie, even for a little bit!