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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Whose footprint?

I had this photo on the previous post, but took it out for a separate one. I had only one guess--from Jolene--so I'm hoping more will take a stab at it.  The first person to guess correctly the animal that made that print,  will get a copy of the wonderful book The Rescue of Belle and Sundance-A Miracle on Mount Renshaw. It's a true story and takes place right here in Canada! To give you a hint, the print is almost 4 inches across!

Good luck!


Jane said...

How fun! I am going to guess it's a cougar print.

Squishy said...

Cat. Mountain lion.

onecollie said...

a wolf!


Krypto, it has to be Superman's Dog Krypto.

onecollie said...

Who's footprint!!! Who won !!! :)