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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Family Excursion to Ya Ha Tinda!

Monday morning we set off for Ya Ha Tinda--it's a 2 hour drive there. This is Highway 27, coming into Sundre.
The Red Deer River at Sundre.  All the rain has pushed the rivers and creeks into flood conditions and this coupled with the spring melt from the mountains has a lot of people worried.

Lots of logging west of Sundre.

A pretty big forest fire went through the area--it was on both sides of the road.

Here we are!! It's a gravel road for part of the trip--there had been washouts from flooding creeks, so we had to be very careful and go slow.  Lots of twists and turns and ups and downs too.  Duffy was whining in the back and when we let him out, he promptly threw up his breakfast!! I don't think he cared for the twisty roads!!
More snow because of the wet weather.  Ignore the bug splats!
Bighorn Creek--had even been a lot higher a day or so before this.
Dave and Duffy on the trail by the creek.  We didn't go all the way, as the trail had been flooded and was pretty muddy and unsafe.

On the bridge over Bighorn Creek.

The campground.  There were only a couple of people camped there and the campsite that Dave and his friends had been at 2 weeks ago had been surrounded by water over the weekend.

Some of the government horses used for park patrol duties.

If you want to camp at Ya Ha Tinda, leave the motor home at home--absolutely no way one of them can go up those roads.  Truck with a camper van, or a tent, and a small horse trailer--that's it. No fresh water at the campground, but there is a spring a little ways back down the road--they have a pipe stuck into the hill--it's great water!!  And BYOTP (bring your own toilet paper)!!  They have panels for a horse paddock. It's beautiful up there and if you don't mind roughing it when you camp, it's a perfect spot.


onecollie said...

it's a Grizzley bear print! :)
What a fun day, great pictures of you, Dave & Duffy ♥

Squishy said...

I love this place and I wanna come and camp! In a tent! With some horsies and collies!

Anna said...

A beautiful blog. I look up to you. Greetings from Poland