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Thursday, June 21, 2012

And the winner is....

Jolene!! Even though she cheated by taking 2 guesses!! Hahahahaha!! But seeing as no one else got it right, she gets the prize. The answer was wolf, by the way. Thank you to those who gave  an answer.  The most creative answer was definitely from Key West Collies!!

Did you know that typically you won't see 4 foot prints for a wolf?  You'll only see 2, as wolves place their hind paws into the front paw print!! And Jolene, you can have Dr. Jean Dodd's The Canine Thyroid Epidemic, if you would prefer.

Happy Summer Solstice!! We are actually having a lovely day!! Most years the first day of summer is marked with rain and clouds. Here are a few pictures from my yard. I went with an orange, yellow, and purple color scheme for flowers this year.
I always treat myself to one special flower purchase every year--this year, a hanging basket full of petunias.

Two different shades of purple petunias in pots.

My favorite--the begonias.
Enjoy the summer!!! It's all downhill from today!! LOL!!


onecollie said...

I won!!!! yippee!! even if I cheated lol!!!
Which book do you think I would enjoy ??
LOVE!! your plants, my yard is still bare :( maybe I will fix that in the next couple of weeks....
I did not know that you only see 2 foot prints for the wolf! cool!

Squishy said...

The flowers are beautiful and congrats Jolene!!!


We tried to tell Dad but he didn't listen. The only time we remember hearing about a collie and a wolf being on friendly terms was at the end of the book White Fang.

Essex & Sherman

Jane said...

Congratulations to Jolene! I really like your colour scheme - very cheery and begonias are definitely one of my favourites - so low maintenance and they bloom non-stop, which is always a bonus. You're right - we're on the downward slide now...!! I'm enjoying the sun we've finally been getting the last few days - I'm tired of all the rain and cloudy days.

euthymic said...

Congrats Jolene! BTW the flowers are lovely and your color scheme is very pretty. How wonderful to have a green thumb:)

Dianne SS said...

Thanks everyone for the compliments on my flowers!

Dog Dad should have listened to his collies!! :)