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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More garden scenes...

A clump of irises.

The dark yellow iris--they hide under the peonies and the delphiniums.

Speaking of delphiniums--they are starting to open.

Peonies are opening up too--I adore them and always have a vase full on the kitchen table while they are in season.

Mmmmm--cherries!! Won't these be wonderful when they ripen!!

Mmmmm tomatoes!! These are Tiny Tims in a pot.

My garden ♥ Notice the 2 sizes of corn--that's because I had to re-seed as so much of the corn didn't come up, and I found the kernels just lying there in the ground.  Don't know why they didn't germinate.

My latest find at my favorite store--Canadian Tire. I needed a good spot for Ewey and her pot, plus now I have a place for the 2 Impatience plants that I wintered over in the house.  I never tried that before and was very happy that they survived!

Love the irises--wish they lasted longer!!


onecollie said...

so beautiful!!! can you send plants with my book too :)

Jane said...

I love your garden :) Irises are one plant I've yet to try my hand at - they are exquisite. I'm not surprised they're short-lived, their petals look to be very fragile. About how long do they look their best? I'm impressed with how far along your delphiniums are - mine are just sending up spikes now.Yours are gorgeous. I also really like that plant stand, I'd love (need?) one of those.

Dianne SS said...

Okay Jolene--I'll see what I can do!! :)

Jane: Each flower lasts about 2 days, each stalk usually has at least 2 flowers on it, often 3. So that prolongs the overall blooming time. I have a large amount of delphiniums throughout my yard and the ones right out in the sun are the farthest along. The ones over along the fence are behind, so maybe that's the reason for the lateness of your flowers?

Squishy said...

The flowers are so beautiful!!!!! I love your garden. I wished I could motivate to make beds and have one. Can't wait to see the cherries ripe!!