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Friday, December 9, 2011

Primum non nocere--First, do no harm.


Is chemotherapy effective/successful?

I found it particularly interesting that in a study done at McGill University, 54 out of 64 oncologists responding to a confidential questionnaire said that in the event of a diagnosis of cancer for themselves or a family member, chemotherapy would not be an acceptable treatment. Hmmmm.  Yet they have no compunction in recommending it for everyone else.

It is also interesting to note that one has a better chance of cancer survival by doing absolutely nothing to treat the cancer.  Not even a change of diet or taking supplements.

Paramount to treating any disease or health problem, is the understanding that you must change your diet. Remove all processed foods from your diet, all GMO foods too. No sliced meats, as they are full of sulphites/sulphates--notice they are putting sulphites in bread and baking at most grocery stores now--processed cheese slices, etc. Read labels--if it doesn't sound like food it probably isn't and don't buy it!!Get rid of chemical cleaners.  Get rid of lotions, bath and shower products, make-up, etc. that have any form of parabens in them and sodium laureth sulphate. Try to get away from using plastics to store and wrap food.  Go back to glass containers. Use only whole foods, real foods, organic if at all possible. Go back to basics, like the way our grandparents lived, the way our parents were raised to eat.

And remember when evaluating any potential treatments, the dictum, Primum non nocere!  "First, do no harm." This is what the medical profession, whether for human or animals, are supposed to follow. Do they? 


Jane said...

Very interesting post. I remember my grandmother once refusing something being offered on the basis that she wanted to "remain as unpolluted as possible." We are drowning in chemicals and can all reduce that amount by, as you say, going back to the basics.

Squishy said...

If we start thinking about all the stuff we ingest and then not to even think about our carpet, cell phones, what we put on our bodies, blah, blah, blah, it will make you crazy. I do think there is a balance to everything and good food, exercise, sunshine and LOVE are most important. LOVE and a great attitude.

onecollie said...

LOVE the new look!!!!!!♥