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Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Yes, another birthday has come and is almost gone!! On the bonus side it wasn't -30, nor was there a blizzard blowing.  Jacqueline will remember the year we couldn't go out for my birthday because of the blizzard!! Then 2 years ago, Edmonton had the coldest temperature in the world on December 12!!!!  Ah the joys of a December birthday!  Because it's only 2 weeks before Christmas, when I was young, celebrations were low key, to put it mildly--one small prezzie, and my mom would bake a cake.  I never had a party either :(  But I survived!! Then in 1969, I had to write the first part of the English departmental on my birthday.  And from then on, university meant exams on my birthday--first taking them, then giving them.  Not so much fun!

This year, the day started out with me getting up at 5 and sitting at the computer for an hour, then laying down again and dozing off and on with Edward G. Robinson movies in the background--his birthday today too.  Much better than Frank Sinatra movies--also his birthday.  Then Duffy lay down beside me for a little while--I love that--I can reach down and pat and scratch him.  Then just before 8 he decided it was time to get up, so we did and then he decided the best way to celebrate MY birthday was for us to play HIS favorite game--hide the toy.  Hammy (aka Hamish the Hedgehog) was the toy of choice.  So we did that for awhile.  Then I talked to Dave who is stuck in Olds--they had a bunch of snow and the highways around Olds are dreadful, as usual.  And, he was called at 2:30 in the morning to go out and clean snow from parking lots and gas stations with a bobcat--he's been helping a friend out. So no husband to spend my birthday with. Phooey!! Thank heavens I have Duffy!!

I had 2 meetings to attend at the EG this afternoon. Diane showed up with a silly hat and a button and said I had to wear them!!  She's very bossy!!  It was hard to take minutes with the hat on--it kept falling off.  So I gave that up, despite her orders to put it on!! I later ditched it in my dad's room and we are going to donate it to Rec. Therapy so they can use it for their celebrations. Diane had brought a cake too, but the taxi cab took off with the cake in the trunk!! Somewhere in Edmonton tonight, there's a very happy taxi cab driver's family eating MY birthday cake!! Phooey!!

I wasn't going to attend the 2nd meeting, but decided that I should because there were some issues re staff behavior that I wanted to bring to Admin's attention.  There were 2 presentations, one was late, there were lots of questions from new members, and the meeting ran long, too long.  And guess what I got for my birthday???? A parking ticket!!Phooey!!

But on the non-phooey side, I had lots of birthday wishes from FB friends around the world, which is one of the cool things about FB, my friend Lin in Lethbridge called me, and Dave's Aunt Brenda called me too.  And the best, most wonderful surprise occurred.  There was a phone message when I got home about a floral delivery.  I called the place and Anna of Anna's Flowers delivered the flowers.  I wondered who they could be from--maybe Dave, to make up for not being here? Nope!!  From Jacqueline in Perth, Australia!! Not that the flowers came all the way from there!! Hahaha!! The message on the card is so great: "Just thought you should have something memorable for your 'and holding' year. Wish I could be there for a big Greek dinner."  I like the idea of a 'holding year'!! And I wish you were here too Jacqueline.  We always went out for Greek food!!  The flowers are absolutely lovely--yellow roses, deep purple irises, exotic lilies, and mums.  I am thrilled and very touched that she did this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ♥♥♥♥

All in all, aside from a couple of phooey events, a pretty good birthday!! And I am definitely 'holding"!!! Well, at least until next year, anyway!!


J. said...

Oooh they look beautiful! Better than I imagined. When you order flowers online you get the fine print of "will sort of look like this, but who knows, depends on availability." ;)

I'm so thrilled that you like them and I could make your day (not in the Eastwood sense--LOL).

Happy Birthday, my friend! Hope Dave can make it up there soon and you can go for keftedes and dolmades. Mmmm.

Jane said...

Gorgeous flowers :) A Very Happy Birthday and 'holding year' heehee!!

onecollie said...

I am so glad you got some flowers!!!!, what a bummer about the cake & the ticket & Dave not being able to make it!!!! You should have called the cab company & told them where you were picked up, then they could have found out the cab with the cake!
Not sure if I had mentioned about loving the new look of the blog, & the picture of you & your collie, soooo adorable!!!♥♥♥

Dianne SS said...

Thank you again Jacqueline!! I just love the flowers and it was so special of you to send them!!! We had Thai food tonight--maybe Greek tomorrow!!

Thank you Jane!!

That's what we all told Diane--that she should have called the cab company and dispatch would have sent the taxi back to the EG and we would have had cake!! Thanks about the blog--you changing your blog look inspired me!! I think my new look is Christmasy!! I have always loved that picture of Rover and I!!!

Squishy said...

Happy belated Birthday Dianne!!! And that is a very beautiful hat!! And flowers!!! Totally sucks about the cake & parking ticket and Dave and the long meetings, but Thai food sounds AMAZING!!! I'm glad it's not the coldest day again in the WORLD, EVER. And yeah for Duffy playing games. I never knew hedge hogs really existed....I thought they were just dog toys.


Happy belated barkday.

Essex & Sherman