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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Baking has begun!! I made lemon squares and these cherry pecan shortbread cookies for the unit Christmas party.

Friday evening before the party, I finally got to take my dad out to see the lights. Last Friday they had put him to bed at 6.  On Sunday it was pouring rain and only 1/4 of the lights were on anyway!!

Let the party begin!!

The decorations are up...but something's missing!!

Ahhh, there's Duffy--the best part of my Christmas and every other day of the year!!♥♥


Jane said...

Mmmm... those shortbread cookies look delish :) I wonder how long they lasted! I haven't started baking yet - very soon - still mulling over my recipes, 'd like to try out a few new ones this year. LOVE the moose!!

onecollie said...

there is about 3 too many stockings up on your fireplace, are 2 of them mine & Diana's !!!!! filled with shortbread cookies & lemon tarts!!!!

Dianne SS said...

LOL Jolene!!! You wish!! Maybe I could send a care package???!! As for the stockings, well there's one for my dad, one for Dave, one for Duffy, one for me, and I continue to hang my mother's stocking too.

Jane: I made a double batch so after I took the picture a whole lot of those cookies went in the freezer!!

onecollie said...

oh, ok then :) A girl can wish though :)
I forgot to say your house looks lovely all decorated! I put just a few things out this year as I won't be here for Christmas but Brad will, no tree though.

Dianne SS said...

Thank you Jolene!!

Brad isn't going? That's not so great, to spend Christmas apart. Will he look after Tate and Kort though?

Squishy said...

When you come for your big 60th birthday bash can we cook??????????? YUMMY!!!! And, the best part of Christmas......our doggies! Duffy is so pretty in that photo!

Squishy said...

Oh, and I like that stocking thing! Good thinking Jolene!

onecollie said...

Brad has to work, he had the summer off on disability so he can't get more time, the dogs will be with their other favourite people, Tate at Wendy's, & Kort & Perkins at Amandas :)
Hopefully I will be home for New Years !


We are starting our Christmas baking today. Lots to bake at our home. We told Dog Dad that we want some home made Dog Treats too.

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