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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sad, sad news

We got word this afternoon that Dave's mom had suffered a massive brain hemorrhage earlier today.  Her long time doctor says that she is not likely to survive. Dave is devastated.  I feel so bad for him, especially because he is not there and even getting a flight out there will be too late, according to the doctor. It's so shocking too that this can happen so quickly. The only bright spot is that we were able to be out there just a month ago for her birthday. I love you Mom, always.


onecollie said...

oh Dianne & Dave, I am so very sorry to hear this :(
My thoughts & prayers are with you both ♥
((( many hugs )))my friend

Dianne SS said...

That you so very much for your thoughts and prayers Jolene. We appreciate them so very much. ♥♥

Squishy said...

Oh my gosh Dianne, that is hard to hear. I think it's so ironic that you were able to get out to see her and to put her on your blog so we could all see her. I will say a prayer for all of you to help you thru this.

J. said...

Oh awful...that's just so shocking...I'm so glad that you had that time with her and those happy memories from her birthday. I'm thinking of you both. ((HUGS)) and prayers your way.