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Monday, August 8, 2011

For Clara

Clara Marie, August 8, 2003.

You were the much anticipated and already much loved goddaughter. You, your mom, and I had many adventures and experiences together that Spring and Summer. And I looked forward to a life of being your godmother and auntie. The day you were born was the most beautiful and the most awful day of my life. I couldn't believe that you were gone, what kind of cruel joke was being played on us all?  My heart broke for your parents and I wished then and have always wished that somehow I could take the pain from them. You were a beautiful girl and you remain a beautiful girl in my memories. When a ladybug visits me, especially in the middle of winter, or some unexpected time, or on Christmas Day, I know it's you, coming to say hi to Auntie Dianne. Always remembered, always loved, dearest Clara. ♥


Squishy said...

Life is such a mystery................................

onecollie said...

how sad

J. said...

Aw, thanks Dianne. You have me bawling at my keyboard. It just means so much to us when our loved ones around us remember her, talk about her, write about her. I see these circles of love radiating out and we're so honored.

((HUGS)) and so much love to you, my friend. Thank you.

Dianne SS said...

Diana: And sometimes life just sucks.

Jacqueline: ((HUGS)) and much love to you.