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Friday, August 26, 2011


OMG!! Have I suddenly been transported to Australia (Hi Jacqueline!!)where the spiders are larger than life? This delightful creature is in my greenhouse and has taken up a pretty permanent looking residence.  I have never seen a spider like this in my life!  Those who know me well, know that I am not squeamish about bugs and am a big fan of spiders--"Spiders are our friends" is one of my pet sayings. But I wasn't at all sure, that I wanted to extend friendship to this one! I got on the Internet though to find out what it is and whether I needed to get the can of Raid out. There are about 1300 species of spider in Alberta (I didn't think there were that many) and this is a member of the Orb Weaver family and apparently isn't poisonous.  Still, I don't think I'll stick my hand in the web!!! And the good news is that it's so big, it can't sneak up on me!!!


J. said...

Okay, you've really got climate change going on there if you've got Orb Weavers. We see them here all the time. They make these HUGE webs and plonk themselves in the middle of them. You can see them from the curb. Seriously.

Remember that part of Bryson's book where he was running through the park and ran face first into a bunch of webs. I betcha $10 they were golden orbs.

Yeah, they're not particularly dangerous. I just found another redback next to the house yesterday and I think I'd take the orb weavers over them anyway. Although to their credit, the redbacks don't tend to roam and just sit in their webs, so as long as you're not unfortunate enough to stick your hand on them, you should be fine.

Hee hee...maybe he knew your views on spider love and thought your greenhouse would be a safe refuge!

Squishy said...

Good thing that's benign! It's got quite the look!! Most of the time I don't worry about spiders but I have to say black widows aren't my favorite.

onecollie said...

ok trying again to comment

onecollie said...

it worked , yippee!!!!