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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Official!!!

We have more snow than I remember ever having in Edmonton. And this is confirmed by my various neighbors who have been in Canada just a few years less than I have been alive. And since they were adults, they have a better recollection of those years in the 1950's!! If we get anymore snow, I'll be in traction!! Started Saturday off with my neck being out, shoveled out the front and back, but not the driveway, and then took Duffy for a walk. Met up with a Bernese Mountain Dog named Ranger, who Duffy has met before.  Ranger is 3 and just a little taller than Duffy and it is always good for Duffy to play with a dog who can wear him out!! LOL!! However, Duffy ended up with frozen slobber all over his face and ruff--yuck!! Thank goodness Collies don't slobber!! Bernese are great dogs--very friendly, laid back, but that slobbering!!!!

Anyway, while I was wrangling Duffy through this impromptu playdate, I must have twisted the wrong way and really pulled some muscles in my back.  I had a heck of a time completing the walk and had to stop several times and bend over to try alleviate the pain. I did manage to use the snow blower on the driveway and then heave the snow over the 6 foot pile and I later went out and shovelled again. It was really coming down on Saturday. My back didn't thank me for that added pressure and by the evening I could hardly walk or sit.  I did take a Motrin and went to bed at 9:30.  For anyone who knows me, I must have been exhausted and in great pain to go to bed early!! I had talked to my neighbor on the phone and she said her husband would take care of the walks for me.  But how could I let a 75 year old do that much shoveling?  In addition to his own place, Gus has been shoveling out another neighbor's and relative's place because Tony has a severe heart condition and almost died last year. So Sunday morning I dragged myself out there to shovel again!! It was funny, not haha funny, that shoveling didn't hurt too much but walking and sitting down and getting up did!! With the help of Motrin, I've kept up with shoveling and have had to carry a lot of shovelfuls of snow around to places where the snowbank isn't quite as high.  Let us hope we get some melting, some settling of the snow pack, and NO MORE SNOW!!! Please???? Here's what the place looks like as of yesterday--our first day without snow!!

The fence is 6 feet high

Getting up to the living room window!!

Down the south side of the house

Duffy working on a day old bone

Had to shovel out a path to Duffy's "Business Place"!

The Eastern Rockies!!

Duffy keeping an eye on me, while I cleaned up the big snow pile yesterday

Driveway all clean!!

A lovely wintery sunset--we got up to -4.5 yesterday!

PS There are periods of light snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


J. said...

I think that's the most snow I've ever seen It must be hard for some of the seniors who can't manage their walks. I know in our old neighborhood, some just left it until it melted...they let it pack down and you'd have a two-foot step up onto their part of the sidewalk and then a two-foot drop on the other side. But with this much snow, it must make some of the neighborhood sidewalks completely impassable.

Well, at least you'll have some great moisture for the garden come spring...

onecollie said...

holy crap Dianne!!!! it looks like Thunder Bay there.....
you hurt sitting or laying because you are using different muscles to do are really going to hurt yourself if that snow continues...
I think I might try & hire out a company or something if it snows careful !

Squishy said...

Ok, I'm in So. Calif and had margaritaville, so I did not read everything. But, OMGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a lot of snow. I am going to show my Canadian transplant Jody who I am staying with. I know she will says she so doesn't miss that SNOW!!! BUT she said in Canada you don't have bug like we do. So, BUGS or SNOW. BUGS..SNOW?????????? BUGSSSSSSS OR SNOOOOOWWWWW????????

Squishy said...

I'm here in So. Calif. with my Canadian transplant. She lived in Calgary for some 30 years and she thinks you're all insane to still be living there!!!!!

Dianne SS said...

Hahahahaha!!!(Insane laugh!!!)Yeah, well we probably are!! But we have bugs too--mosquitos in wet years, wasps in dry, grasshopper infestations (try driving along a secondary road and they are flying in the open windows, on the windshield, and the radiator--yuck) the tent caterpillar cycles where they cover the roads and make an oil slick when the cars go over them and they eat all the leaves off the trees, climb all over houses, porches, windows. But we don't have earthquakes (well not damaging) or mud slides or hurricanes!!