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Sunday, January 9, 2011

And the snowstorm continues

We are at the end of Day 3 of the Great Blizzard of 2011--as the historians will no doubt refer to it!! It lightened up to really fine snow this afternoon, but once it got dark, it went back to more obvious snow. The temperature is dropping all the time too. My back has entered some sort of shock phase, whereby it doesn't seem to hurt as much as it did (or should, considering the punishment it's taken for the last 3 days). My arms are fairly sore--but not bad considering the shovel loads I carried into the yard from the driveway and along the sidewalks to places that didn't have as high a bank.  I haven't seen this much snow for years--it's looking like it did when I was much younger and living here.  But Daddy did the shovelling back then--now it's my turn. I am proud to say that I am the only woman in this block area, that does all this shovelling/uses a snow blower. The rest of the houses either have a man and woman sharing the duties or men doing it all. This is the biggest lot in the block at 53 feet wide and 150 feet long, so that's a lot of sidewalk both city and property, as well as a double driveway.  Today though, the young fellow that lives across the lane with wife and little girl, helped me out with the driveway.  I was laboriously carrying load after load into the yard, and maybe he figured he better help the old broad, or she'd still be at come next January!! Hahaha!! I sure did appreciate the help though! I ventured out with the truck up to Mac's and the Bargain Store--I was looking for Valentine decorations for my dad's' room. The truck has 4-wheel drive--no one in their right mind should be thinking of driving on those roads without it.  But I will be taking the buses to my meetings at the EG tomorrow!! My neighbor's daughter and son-in-law were in an accident on Highway 2 nears Olds and are spending another night in the Olds hospital. They were rear-ended by 3 successive vehicles, her air-bag opened and she lost consciousness and he's pretty sore and shaken. Poor Iolanda is pretty upset  and won't feel okay until she can see her daughter. The car is totaled and they will have to take a bus back to Edmonton. Moral of the story is, stay home when a blizzard is going on!!
Can you see much fun it will be when this starts to melt?  Luckily that won't be for another 3 months--hahaha!!

Duffy and his shovels!  He loves to sit like this--butt on the top of the stairs and front paws on the first step!

Just about my height!!

Great moisture for the flower bed!

Where's the bird bath?

Duffy sniffing the air for fresh game!! Or the smoke from the neighbor's wood burning fireplace!


Squishy said...

Those photos are so cute of Duffy! I can't believe how much snow there is. How does anyone get around in a car if it's 5 feet under snow?

Dianne SS said...

The trick is to keep using the vehicle so that you are driving on top of the accumulating snow!If you park the car it will be covered and then plowed in when they get around to plowing the residential areas!Having a garage is a good idea too! But a lot of those small cars were getting stuck even today!! Get a truck with 4 wheel drive!!