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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The first snowstorm/blizzard for 2011

Duffy considering which snow shovel he should use--taken out the dining area window. The shovels are at the foot of the steps.

Duffy looking a little disgusted with all the snow--or maybe I'm transferring my own emotions onto him!!!

After this morning's clean-up

It started around 1:30 Friday afternoon and by this morning we had almost a foot of snow.  The wind is still blowing and it continues to drift the snow, both at the front and back of the house, and everywhere else!  You know you are in trouble when you look out the back door and there are 6 inches of snow on the back steps and you shovel your way around to the front of the house and the front steps are drifted in so badly, you can't see where the steps are!!This storm is supposed to continue all night and into the morning. I've already spent a total of 6 hours outside today, in 2 separate stints, shovelling and using the snow blower.  So we can look forward to more fresh air and outdoor activities tomorrow!! And I will take more pictures.

The Abominable Snow Woman of Edmonton!!


onecollie said...

hahaha!, great picture, you look sooo impressed!!
we are getting hit now too, not as much as you, but blowing & cold..ick!!
Kort didn't mind as he spent 2 hrs outside chewing his Bison bone :))

J. said...

Great photos!

I have to say it again, the gigantic spiders are the payoff for never having to shovel snow over here...woo hoo!!!

Hope it lets up soon...hang in there! Thinking of you all...

Squishy said...

You are really dressed for snow!! OmGosh!!

Dianne SS said...

It's a necessity here Diana!