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Friday, December 31, 2010

Hopes for 2011

Here's hoping 2011 will be a happier year than 2010! Losing my mom at the end of January has made for a very sad and lonely year.  Having to be her executrix and to go through the probate process has been doubly difficult.  A word of advice--try never to have be anyone's executor.

The Summer was lousy-cool and wet.  Dave had an accident on Thanksgiving Day with my (my mom's) truck. I've become quite disillusioned with insurance companies (not that I had a whole lot of regard for them before, but now...), and with the "system", and with people who can lie so easily. A couple of days ago Dave was presented with a ticket by the RCMP--the officer told him off the record that it could be beaten and that there was reasonable doubt.  So why declare Dave at fault??

I am very frustrated with apathy at the EG--you would think in a place which houses 500 residents, more family members would want to be involved. I am also fed up a lot of staff who don't seem to get how lucky they are to have a program like Second Wind Dreams there. Diane Berge stepped down as Chair of SWD--I miss her for many reasons! I lost a freezer full of food--:(( 

My dad has suffered some setbacks with his health this year and I hope he can be okay for a couple of more years.

However lots of good things happened too.  SWD won a Government of Alberta Seniors Service Award. I have managed to carry on in some fashion (!!) with SWD as the new chair and we have completed 10 dreams since I took over in the Summer.

My friend Jacqueline , who now lives in Perth, Australia, was here in the Fall for a visit.  It was great to see her and made me miss her all over again!  I went to Lethbridge in November--the first time I have been anywhere since my parents went into the EG.  I got to see Jolene, meet her great bunch of friends, and cheer for Kort!! I want to live in Lethbridge!! I also started a blog--we'll call that a good thing!! And I became a bona fide blog stalker too!!

Duffy (or The Prince--as the neighbor calls him!) is maturing and settling down--some!! We went to our first classes this Fall and we graduated and I got to confirm what I have suspected about him all along--he is very, very smart, and loves to show off!! I have plans to enroll us in more classes and I would like to enter at least one Obedience Trial in 2011 and hopefully more.  As for conformation with him, well we will have to see, but I don't care all that much about it.  Or at least that's what I'm telling myself for now!! Hahahahah!! While occasionally he drives me up a wall--like with his barking--but we are working on that--he is my pal, my buddy, and I would be lost without him. All this year, his presence has kept me from getting too awfully depressed. And I am planning for the potential of another Collie pup in the house, either in 2011 or 2012.

My wish for everyone in 2011, is that they know more gladness than sadness, good health rather than bad, peace and contentment rather than strife and stress, and the love of family and friends, undiminished.

Happy New Year!!!!


Squishy said...

Awwwhhhh.....I'm with you on all of that. I think we all have so much to be thankful for and our collies especially keep us in the moment. That is so important to keep us grounded. Duffiness.

onecollie said...

Prince Duffiness!!, I like it !
Yes, move to Lethbridge!!!!!
You can take classes with me & Kort. You should really try for a trial this year, it's hard work but worth it....

Dianne SS said...

I like "Prince Duffiness"!!!!! You should see how he prances--so this suits him!!Dave doesn't want to live in Lethbridge--but I don't see him very much anyway, so what does that matter!!! I spent New Year's Eve alone and New Year's Day--it's a long story, but the story of my life!! Thank heavens for Duffiness!!