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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Being one of Santa's helpers

It's been a crazy busy couple of days for me at the EG! I got word on Monday that the Mandarin oranges I had ordered for SWD to give to the 18 units ( 2 boxes per unit), were being delivered with the lunch meal carts on Tuesday.  I had prepared 18 Christmas cards and a Christmas note to be delivered to the units, explaining where the oranges were from and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from SWD. Kay and I were already meeting on 6Y on Tuesday to deliver a food gift basket that a resident had asked for--was for his wife at she had been relying on fast foods too much, since he came into care.  I also had gift bags with presents for a couple of other residents.  There were clothes for a younger resident who has no family and nothing much in the way of clothes, and a shawl for a lady who likes to dress nicely!

The wife who was to receive the food basket was sick and hadn't come in, so we left the basket with the RCM and asked that a picture be taken when she gave the basket to the couple.  I gave her the gift bags too and Kay and I delivered the cards--she did the Y wing and I did the C and AB wings. I also stopped off to see Janate and give her the 3 donation cheques and a card.  Lots of walking!!

Dave got the truck washed before he came up here! And now all I need is a Collie license plate again!!
Dave is here and he brought my truck back!!! Yippee!!! All fixed and looks as good as new and has new tires too! After all the old ones were 20 years old--that's how little my Mother had driven the truck!! So we visited with my dad for awhile and then stopped at Planet Organic on the way home--I haven't been able to go there for over a month.  I was in severe withdrawl!! Hahaha!!

Wednesday, we stopped to get a bunch of Christmas flowers before heading to the EG. I had flowers for my dad, the unit got a poinsettia plant, the assistant rec therapist Jill got cut flowers, and the neighbor will getting another bunch today. I also got a floral arrangement for another gentleman and his lady friend on 6Y.  He had asked for a Ukrainian meal, but sadly, the cancer has spread and he is mostly in bed now and is on a puree diet.  So in lieu of the meal, they got the flowers and a card.  Duffy came along yesterday and he was a hit with everyone--as always.  He got to visit a couple of new units he's never been on and make some more friends. Everyone always raves about what a lovely dog he is.  He is really well behaved, doesn't try to jump on anyone anymore--he's growing up!! One lady wanted him to sit and shake a paw. I got him to sit, but he wasn't into paw shaking.  He only does tricks for me and sometimes Dave.  Guess he needs a relationship with people before he will do little tricks!!

There was a Christmas tea on the 7Y yesterday, so we spent the rest of the afternoon there.  Then Dave dropped me off at Kingway Mall and he took Duffy home.  I only spent 1 1/2 hours in the stores but I was so hot and exhausted I couldn't wait for Dave to come back to pick me up!!

It's been hard for me to get into any real Christmas spirit this year.  But I find that doing things for SWD at the EG helps. I will be doing lots of baking today, then Dave and I are going to go out to celebrate our birthdays, and when we get home, I will watch my favorite version of A Christmas Carol--the Alastair Simm one.  I had seen a live performance of it at the Citadel Theatre on Saturday--which was very enjoyable too! Tomorrow I make the holupche (cabbage rolls), the cranberry sauce, prepare the bread for the stuffing, and roast the turkey. I have been doing the turkey bird the day before Christmas for the last 6 years, so that we can spend part of Christmas Day at the EG and not worry that the turkey has caught on fire and burned the house down!

I'm sure everyone will be super busy in the next couple of days, but I hope we all can take a moment or two to relax and enjoy these last 2 days before Christmas!!


onecollie said...

Merry Christmas my friend ♥
I hope 2011 brings you everything you want :)
So wonderful to see the truck up & running again! I need to find a license plate too!, I also think I am going to treat myself to the personalized plate next year!
So wonderful to see that you call cabbage rolls holupche!!!! That's what I grew up calling them!, & lets not forget padaha!!!(perogies) for the common folk ;)

Dianne SS said...

And Merry Christmas to you Joleneand I hope 2011 is a good year for you too!!!♥

Ooooh, personalized plate--pretty spiffy!!

They are actually called "golabki" in Polish but we called them both ways and I think holupche is easier to say--just like perogies is the easier of the 2 words although it's the Polish word!!And I have homemade beet pickles along with the cranberry sauce!!