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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Party

The Christmas party for Unit 7Y (where my dad resides) was on Tuesday evening.  It was great to have Christmas parties again as we didn't last year due to that phoney baloney H1N1 so-called pandemic. And no I won't start a rant on all the stupid people getting their flu shots as usual!!!

As I still don't have my truck, I had to bus it to the EG (and it's a 2 bus each way trip!!).  It started to snow as I left the house with my containers of Christmas cookies that I baked earlier in the day. And by the time I was waiting for the 2nd bus downtown, it was really coming down and blowing as well.

My dad was happy to see me and was having one of those rare days where he doesn't say stupid things and he acts like he does have a brain!! And no, he doesn't have any dementias--he's always been like this!  There was entertainment from 2 oldtimers--one sang and played the accordian and the other played the mandolin. There were lots of goodies to eat and many family members in attendance sharing the party with the residents. The highlight was a visit from Santa Claus--every resident has their picture taken with him!! Cutbacks had kicked in--instead of little gifts being given to each resident, as in the past, they got a candy cane!! Whoo Hoo!!  Santa came up to the unit after the party, which was really nice for the residents who are bedridden, or couldn't go down to the auditorium.
Here's Santa!!!

The evening's entertainers with one of the chaplains--turns out she has the most beautiful voice and sang several carols for us.
I missed my mother being there--she loved music and would have enjoyed the evening. And she would have loved eating my cookies--even when she didn't want any other food, she always ate my baking.

It had stopped snowing by the time my 1st bus came for the homeward trip, but I was wearing shoes and not boots, and all that cold snow got in my shoes--brr!! I shovelled the walks when I got home--I shouldn't have bothered as the real blizzard blew up in the early hours of Wednesday morning and it snowed and the winds howled and piled up drifts all day and into the evening.  More pictures of that to follow!!


onecollie said...

wow, you are such a good person for taking 2 buses, I vowed I would never get on a bus again once I got my license!
It looks like such a fun night though so it was worth it, & your dad was nice , bonus !! :))
I'm sure your mom was there in spirit, tapping her toes to the music ♥

J. said...

Looks like it was a fun time...that's a sweet photo with Santa. Yuck about the snow in your shoes...