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Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 12

Lots of birthdays today!!!Here is a sampling of them: Jennifer Connelly (turns 40); Kirk Cameron; Cathy Rigby (my age!); Mike Pinder (Moody Blues); Connie Francis; Mayim Balik; Bob Barker; Frank Sinatra; Steve Podborski (Canada's first World Cup Downhill Ski Champion); Dionne Warwick (turns 70--can you believe it?).  Lots of actresses, actors, singers, and sport figures born on December. Oh, and someone else--who can that be??? Hahahaha!!

It's a snowy birthday this year.  Last year Edmonton broke all record temps for the coldest day and was the coldest place in the world!!! But the sun was shining--I prefer cold temps and sunshine over warmer temps and snow, any old time!

I am just going to relax today--well sort of.  It's been a difficult couple of weeks.  One of Dave's very good friends (and mine as well, to a lesser degree) died suddenly 3 weeks ago (blocked artery aggravated by several epileptic seizures); another friend had to be flown from BC to Calgary and was near death.  They performed a gall bladder operation, but he has cancer of the colon. And one of my aunts-in-law had to be rushed to hospital in Penticton. Something has been going on with my dad this week--Tuesday he fell off his bed, has bruises and probably bruised ribs, and he was very confused. I was very worried that it was another TIA and to be having one so close to the last one, would not be a good sign.  However, it could also be a UTI--I sure hope so.  We're waiting for all the test results. UTI's in the elderly usually present with symptoms of confusion, making the person appear like they have a dementia. My dad has never drank enough liquids in his whole life, so it's extra hard to get him to have water or juice.

Dianna, Kay, and Edith

We had our Second Wind Dreams 50-50 fund raising sale this past week, for 3 days.  We made a little over $200.  But between manning the table and running up to check on my dad, and having to take buses there and back, it was hectic. But we have a new recruit!! Her name is Dianna, she's a friend of Kay's, so we have another Greek with us!  She was fantastic at drumming up sales and the 1 day she wasn't there our sales were way down!!The rest of us are on the shy side!!

In terms of dreams, I took Homaira to Marvel to have her hair and nails done and to have a facial; there are several presents of clothes to deliver to residents; might be able to get 2 residents to the Winspear next Sunday for an Edmonton Symphony Christmas concert; there will be a gift basket delivered; and boxes of oranges for the units.  This is all before Christmas!! I have 2 meetings on Monday and 2 Christmas parties on Tuesday!! Whew!! And I put up the Christmas decorations and little tree yesterday--with Duffy's help.  He was in Olds last year, so the ornaments and garlands, etc. were all so interesting for him!! And this is his 3rd Christmas--already!!

Homaira and Amy the hairstylist. Homaira is one of the younger residents--she has 2 daughters-6 and 10.

Eliza doing the facial and another student putting on the nail polish

Vanessa, the instructor in esthetics, Homaira, and Eliza after everything was done. Homaira was tired and happy to get back to the EG after all that pampering!

So back to today.  I was going to go downtown, maybe see a movie and try some shopping.  But it's blowing and snowing, so I don't really feel so much like it now. I am still trying to shake this cold I picked up--must be those Southern Alberta germs--I'm not used to them!!! I might just go to 7-11, get a paper, and stay home!! It's just pretty great to have my Duffy for company too. Oh, and if you are wondering where Dave is--well he's in Olds!! He was hoping the truck would be all ready and he could bring it back to me today.  But the hood painting and curing is taking a little longer ( being done by an autobody painter), so both husband and truck are delayed.  I wouldn't want them to be on the snowy highway anyway!

Duffy's Christmas portrait!!

Happy Birthday to all the other December 12th birthday people out there!! We rock!!!


onecollie said...

So did you go to a movie or just stay home with the paper?
It is too bad it's snowing there, we had a lovely day with mild temperatures!
I am glad Duffy is with you on your birthday! Kort helped decorate today too, he chewed all the cardboard & walked away with all the wrapping paper....he is so helpful :))

J. said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you got the card I sent... ;)

Dianne SS said...

Jolene: I stayed home, talked with Lin on the phone for 2 hours,then went out to shovel the snow, then to 7-11 and had left overs for supper. Mind you they were yummy crock-pot leftovers! And my friend Sarah called back and we talked for an hour. How's that for an exciting birthday!!

Jacqueline: Thank you! I replied to your FB post and thanked you for the card.

J. said...

Dianne: ha, silly fb it never notified me...blah...I'm glad you got it. The Christmas card will be late this year...I just mailed it on Friday... ;) ;)

Squishy said...

I posted yesterday and it didn't show!!!! That's not right!!! ANYWAY....Happy Belated Birthday!!!! And I'm glad Duffy is with you!!

Dianne SS said...

Jacqueline: Yeah I've noticed that FB isn't always notifying me of post comments. You never know..the Christmas might get here before Christmas!!

Diana: That was it--I didn't see any comments from you and figured you hadn't been to my blog--either that or you were ignoring my birthday!! Sniff!!:))

Squishy said...

No, no ignoring.....your blog munched the original comment!